Tuesday, December 27, 2005

me in india Kerala now

I dont have much time now a days... Really busy with parents friends and relatives... Back with greater buzzz until Jan 9th

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Going to Indiaaaa in 12 hrsss

Yeah ,, I dont know what I am doing here tonight. The only thing I remember is that I can hardly sleep. There may be many reasons for this. In few days I met some interesting people. Sigh!.. Then Going to home after a long time. Yes this is really critical. There are these things I need to focus on and I think I am pretty much in a good shape as I remeber.

Any way leave that I am slowly getting ready for the sleeppp....This was funny thing happened today. I was calling India and my uncle asked me a Cooling Glass or shades how ever u want to call it. And to my surprise I found one thing with in my budget. This is some kind of stupid thing I guess, I am not here for visiting or earning lot of bucks to buy Ray Ban or Oakley gallses for every one. And I can hardly purchase andy thing which is totally below the parrr..

Hmm I got some thing and hopefully its makes him hapy. WTF I dont care anyway....

Its just for my mother she asked me to buy that and I am doing that for her.. Pretty much simplifies the whole issue..

Ok will try to write some thing on my way to India

By the way My itenary is

Tampa to Washigton Sunday 1:30 pm
Washington to London
London to Colombo
Colombo to cochin and landing in Nedumbassery on Tuesday the Morning 9: 30 am ..

U know airline processs is stochastic so let us c what time I will reach home anyway....

Monday, December 05, 2005

North west is full of shit

This is really funny. One of my friend is flying to India today. Yes from America. A journey to be nearly 20 hrs in flight. He being not like other people was right and not following the IST aka (Indian Standard Time) I hope any one attend Indian functions / events need no further explanantion I guess..

Ok let me cut the crap and tell the story.
My friend is going to India. He went to catch his flight in the morning with Northwest.He was there in the terminal 1:30 hrs before the departure time though being busy with the last minute packing and stuff he was kind of tired it seems. The event start like this, Being frustrated waiting in the damn queue or out of excitement in going home for his sisters marriage he is going to ask the flight attendent about the flights departure , She says no. Sigh! again he is back in the chair. After another 20 or so minutes he is again there . This time a big no. From her tone he is assuming a long delay and my friend is going to small nap. But unfortunately the nap wasnt small as he wanted to be and he wake up exactly after 30 mins the flight left..

Here comes the real story. He is leaving from Minneapolis and the flight is by 5 pm or so it seems. He is going to the Northwest (Will say more ) the flight people to speak about this. And politely (I mean it ) explains the situations. Apprently some jerk in the North west airlines customer care says no and says that since he miss the one leg of the flight all the route including the returns are cancelled. WTF,he was also willing to shed more money which he needed to go to Minneapolis to make it. But these crappy people in the airlines say a Big no. (Dont u wonder why North west is in Bankruptcy. I dont know who ever is the CEO or what the employees typically one Ms Andrea is the worst customer care represntive any one can witness. Dont tell me that missing flight is some thing extra ordinary every one does thsi here man. I dont know why it matters with my friend and the reason she give was such a lame one that they are not taking responsibility bcos its purchased for a lower price. What you guys call it now..

I had been to Nortwest many time and I dont think the prices and services and really worth. What they will give you any way is peanuts for six hours travel (Read Tampa to California).

However he is a lucky chap even after shedding some money he is leaving to India tomorrow to make to his sister marriage. Thanks to Anita our agent (Amrita Travels). We are really gald that she was there and she did an amazing job by gusing through the entire process. I will recommed this to any one . There number is 972- 231-7993. Great service man.

The about Northwest please think twice and if you are not travelling through this probably you are making a right decision. Human beings are so random and there is so much stochasticity in this world. So Why to take a bet Think Twice..

This link may be your interest for a say South west Bankruptcy . There is no way that this company can survice unless it changes its customer attitude.. People wont take random crap you know

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Going home Next week.. Sunday the Dec 11th

The entire event is really inspiring and being in home after 1.5 years ( I cant even imagine how I did this). America is like that. Hardly people remeber the days which eventually give away for weeks, Months, Years and more to follow.

I was planning to sty in London and in Sri Lanka on my way home. But some things make me realise that it is not probably worth paying 100 USD for UK Visa.. I will rather go there in Spring break I guess. Then Sri Lanka Colombo is more or less like India I heard so there is no incentive for me to being there.

U know recently these bloody people reduced the luggage from 70 pounds to 50 pounds / bag. This is bll shit. What we can get to home is choclates and it weighs amazingly heavy.Then being a student that all what I may be able to afford any way.

I tried to get some designer wares and all. But its damn freaking expensive so that I can buy the cosmetics for entire family members for the price I pay here.

So there waits my family for me being there and I am in the middle of these bllody exams coming in. Now a days I am not even feeling like doing anything. Just close my eyes and what all I remember is just home,,,Sweet home..

Friday, December 02, 2005

May be there lies some idea with you. Harness it dont rush it..

I slept night with some thoughts. Why shouldnt we start some thing. Yesterday I got a chance to talk with some really important people. I really these people have a sense of whats going on and they are great.

They ashares the same Idea. Suppose, if you pass a survey in Yahoo! Microsoft or Google. Since people think on these lines its necessary believe we better discuss these ones.

As I know many people in these Big Giant Companies are having real Enterpreneur ambitions. Thats great. After all the culture of this country supports the Enterpreneurs and Wanna bes.

I am sad to see this. Many new start ups typically so called Web 2.0 they are thinking about just not anything but Cash flows. As I mentioned before here. What you need is functionality a good technology or platform and everything follows. Cash flows will / should be always the next big thing to pursue a technology rather than passion assosiated with.

Google doesnt have a Business plan even after 3 years of it launch. What people think in this world I dont know.Here said John Battelle and Jeremy Zawondy Nothing can make or men Billions overnight. Hard but mere FACT my friend.

So gather your thoughts coming out with a sleek and cool product and you are all set. Everything follows. VCs, Angels, Mergers, Acquisitions,IPOs and what else you can think for. So that said AIM HIGH.....Read this article from Goolges Marrisa Mayer. Apparenttly she is a great looking young lady. Thats said I am sure you visit the photo...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My parents warned me about this

There are many incentive to join in a Big company. This is great. Working in google has great incentives. She may be the one my parents warned me about.Humour and great Co workers are always a good incentive for It jobs. I really mean it. Many of my friends who don know what is C++ is working in It companies. He even asked me whether its writing the exam 2 times.What the hell should I say. Now doing great. Apparently he is hooked up with a girl in his wipro office , Bangalore.

I was just kidding. Infact I am really curious about this girl joined in google for surfing and writing hell of a Cover letter. No its a no brainer.. She is from Tol notch university Cal Berkley. And there are no traces about here while googleing.

Reecently I heard news about a guy sending real life size poster to Microsoft. So get ready google. You will be soon recieveing Giant resumes and funny wierd letters. I know many people will do anything to get in to google. Apparently I am one among those. Sigh!

Want a job in google

Want a job in google. Try some thing bloody different and Google is going to take that.Its has been a very very interesting read. A girl who got in to google just by buyingthe T shirt. Amsing read it here

A google Job story