Monday, December 05, 2005

North west is full of shit

This is really funny. One of my friend is flying to India today. Yes from America. A journey to be nearly 20 hrs in flight. He being not like other people was right and not following the IST aka (Indian Standard Time) I hope any one attend Indian functions / events need no further explanantion I guess..

Ok let me cut the crap and tell the story.
My friend is going to India. He went to catch his flight in the morning with Northwest.He was there in the terminal 1:30 hrs before the departure time though being busy with the last minute packing and stuff he was kind of tired it seems. The event start like this, Being frustrated waiting in the damn queue or out of excitement in going home for his sisters marriage he is going to ask the flight attendent about the flights departure , She says no. Sigh! again he is back in the chair. After another 20 or so minutes he is again there . This time a big no. From her tone he is assuming a long delay and my friend is going to small nap. But unfortunately the nap wasnt small as he wanted to be and he wake up exactly after 30 mins the flight left..

Here comes the real story. He is leaving from Minneapolis and the flight is by 5 pm or so it seems. He is going to the Northwest (Will say more ) the flight people to speak about this. And politely (I mean it ) explains the situations. Apprently some jerk in the North west airlines customer care says no and says that since he miss the one leg of the flight all the route including the returns are cancelled. WTF,he was also willing to shed more money which he needed to go to Minneapolis to make it. But these crappy people in the airlines say a Big no. (Dont u wonder why North west is in Bankruptcy. I dont know who ever is the CEO or what the employees typically one Ms Andrea is the worst customer care represntive any one can witness. Dont tell me that missing flight is some thing extra ordinary every one does thsi here man. I dont know why it matters with my friend and the reason she give was such a lame one that they are not taking responsibility bcos its purchased for a lower price. What you guys call it now..

I had been to Nortwest many time and I dont think the prices and services and really worth. What they will give you any way is peanuts for six hours travel (Read Tampa to California).

However he is a lucky chap even after shedding some money he is leaving to India tomorrow to make to his sister marriage. Thanks to Anita our agent (Amrita Travels). We are really gald that she was there and she did an amazing job by gusing through the entire process. I will recommed this to any one . There number is 972- 231-7993. Great service man.

The about Northwest please think twice and if you are not travelling through this probably you are making a right decision. Human beings are so random and there is so much stochasticity in this world. So Why to take a bet Think Twice..

This link may be your interest for a say South west Bankruptcy . There is no way that this company can survice unless it changes its customer attitude.. People wont take random crap you know

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Sushil said...

Very interesting read. I have my own horror story of waiting around for 8 hours for a NWA flight to India on an emergency trip to attend a funeral and not being told why the flight is delayed. They kept us waiting by pushing the time out by 15 minutes at a time. All this when NWA knew there was a problem with the planes engines and they were being fixed. We finally take of and the pilot says there was a problem with the engine. Net result the funeral had to be delayed by a day as we(me & my uncle) didnt make it on time and missed all conenctions.