Saturday, December 03, 2005

Going home Next week.. Sunday the Dec 11th

The entire event is really inspiring and being in home after 1.5 years ( I cant even imagine how I did this). America is like that. Hardly people remeber the days which eventually give away for weeks, Months, Years and more to follow.

I was planning to sty in London and in Sri Lanka on my way home. But some things make me realise that it is not probably worth paying 100 USD for UK Visa.. I will rather go there in Spring break I guess. Then Sri Lanka Colombo is more or less like India I heard so there is no incentive for me to being there.

U know recently these bloody people reduced the luggage from 70 pounds to 50 pounds / bag. This is bll shit. What we can get to home is choclates and it weighs amazingly heavy.Then being a student that all what I may be able to afford any way.

I tried to get some designer wares and all. But its damn freaking expensive so that I can buy the cosmetics for entire family members for the price I pay here.

So there waits my family for me being there and I am in the middle of these bllody exams coming in. Now a days I am not even feeling like doing anything. Just close my eyes and what all I remember is just home,,,Sweet home..

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