Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Miami and Key West Trip

I had a great Miami and Key West trip... Write now my body is aching like hell . Swimming, Diving in water and travleing has to pay the price I guess.

I will update more when I can find some time.. Last week of exams.Looks like every one is behind my ass for exams and papers. Worst week for any student..

Friday, April 21, 2006

Miami - Tripp , Partyy

What the last week of exams all about.

Exams - Yes
Projects - Yes
Pressure - Yes

Ok I am adding one more thing Fun -- Yes yes.

I dont know I am due of a Miami Trip. I had been there quite some times and I dont want to miss this chance. Typically if the people you are going is really good.

Couple of other offers too.. A trip to Ybor . ne of my friends Girl friend is coming over here and they wanted me to join with them.. I am getting lot of calls for this.

But I did say him that I may be going to Miami. While I am writing this. I still have no idea what am I doing.I wanted to visit Key West for while and it seems that this is a good opprtunity.

Water sports and what not all are there I am all set for Snorkling

Wait and see how am I managing this. This is not some thing new for me. I had done this. But every time its a challenge (debating)... Ok whatever..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I cant help noticing this- Mumbai flat sold for Rs 21 crore Add to Clippings

Indiatimes Read the story

My What is going on there.A flat for 21 crore 60,000 rs / Sqft. This is utter craziness,Thats what people think. 3500 sqft for 21 Crore.

My analysis.
I heard that the central location in marine drive is worth 30,000 rs / sqft before 3 years ( Alas no one want to sell anything over there ). But this one some in willing to sell a floor on the NCPA building.A company office and its not a secret that the flat is not for residential purpose. If its an MNC what they spend is nearly 5 million dollar. This is a price might not be worth as an investment in short run (Probably couple of years). But is going to reap its benfit and will be getting better offers in sooner or later.

So before say its idiocracy think more Sir. There are more places in India they could have invested for huge returns and not Mumbai. If investment is not a motive what stops from them in buying this.

Look in to DLFs investment in cochin search for the recent IPO offer in this one MY passion

Goldman Gurus Strike It Rich With Hedge Fund - Goldman Gurus Strike It Rich With Hedge Fund:

"Known as Global Alpha, the Goldman hedge fund was a leading contributor to a surge in 'incentive fees,' or performance-related fees, that Goldman reported for the first quarter ended in February. In that period, the incentive fees soared to $739 million from $131 million a year earlier, helping Goldman's earnings rise 64% to $2.48 billion, the biggest first-quarter gain of any major Wall Street firm.

Global Alpha's recent returns have been sizzling. In the 12-month period ended in March, the fund returned more than 48% before some fees, according to Goldman Sachs JBWere, an Australian affiliate of Goldman. It was closed to new investors last year. (On Wall Street, the word alpha refers to investment returns beyond those generated by the market.)"

What is going in Hedge funds. Great returns amid the mixed economy.

Shares are performing in a mixed way. Typically mixed earning of giants like Ebay, Intel, Apple and record prices for Gasoline.

Tough job and well done I am eagerly looking for next quarter results of the Goldman. (Typically their hedge fund contributions)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CONSUMER PRICES JUMPS - U.S. Homejavascript:void(0);
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CONSUMER PRICES JUMPED 0.4% in March as gasoline prices shot up, but costs for food and housing rose mildly. Core prices climbed by 0.3%

What will be the other implication of rising Oil prices. Any comments..Ofcourse less many in the purse is the biggest of all but how?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Life in Assignmentss and Examsssss

Classes are ending in a couple of weeks. All of the 3 big classes I enrolled in require either a paper or a project. So I am due with 2 projects and 1 paper altogether. This is ofcourse in addition to the Big examsss..

I have some offers also to go to Miami in this week. Couple of conferences coming up in Miami and in Orlando...

I have a vague idea of what to do in Summer. I am striving hard for somethings which I will let my friends know Once I accompolished...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

- The Economic Times

- The Economic Times

The current movie from EON productions is the 21st James Bond movie. The story in a nutshell is this: James Bond needs to stop a casino owner who uses his winnings to fund terrorism. Through this movie, the Bond franchise will attempt to reboot the entire series by ignoring his previous 20 big-screen adventures and introducing the character as if he were a brand-new creation.

Monday, April 03, 2006

My New Phone Number

Hi there

I changed my number now its 917-292-1636. I am not using my old number any more.