Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina... This one is quite big even for fisherman community

Yeah . This makes me sad. What these poor people in these places doo..natural calamities ... God bless everyone in New Orleans..

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Child hood games

Thinking about these days make me so happy. I really loved it. I played all the games no one who knows me now even can think about it

I grow up in a pretty big housing colcony called Gandhinager. The address is
EWS 525
Kochi -20

Like any other colony it was filled with students of my age +_ 4. This is the first real world known to me other than the anganvadi which I used to go from age 3.As my father was among the early inahitants of that housing colony every one knows him which was good and bad for me which i will tell later....

There were a lot of games I used to play there

I was good player of "Gotis" we call "kachi" aka "rashi". Yes i remember that as the only game which I was passionate about from my kinder garten till i touch the so called high school recall 5th std. Some one used comment about me that Vijay cant sleep unless he have a goti (A small glass made thing used to play games) in his hands.That was my addiction to the game. Infact the two things i remeer doing that age is attending tuition and playing goti. My parents were silently against that game except the good grades i am getting from school.Which always prevet from thir scolding.There are many games using gotis one is Aama, Which is a a rich gotiwala game and seppi with a hole in the square box in the earth and the notorious one was rasi this game has three holes and those who win get the opportunity to beat the other guy with goti on his hand..

Due to hardwork i put on these games i was a master in all these three games using gotis . Its funny to think that even now I have a big bag full of gotis in my home which I proudly take once te remember myslef abou the chivalry playing those games.

As time pass by upper primary school i got in to big guys game thats " Labels " and "Pambaram" .Label "Panni malathu " which my father calls as a miniature ersion of card game is a good game where we have the movie stars like Mohan lal and Mamooty in the labels and we will win if we have the same movies stars . With my uncles son and all I creat startegies for winning the games and was running partnership game a I used to sell labels who loss the game with me which by the end of the day make me rich . Whenver i come home after a saturday or sunday gae rounds I will be having a 5 rupee note tucked inside my trouser pockets . That money I earned will be used to buy lollypops for my partners and small cone ice creams on my long walk to school some what like 2 miles.. My reputation was beyond reach people from nearby housing colonies used to come to house and invite me to play with the, But to very ones surprise I used to win most of the times. B cos of certain tactis i used to have .. I believ I m still not bad with those tactics ...

Then time passed by and when i get in to 7th standard and all I join a new school I was only a distinguished visitor in the arena where they play these games and people viewed me as a veteran I have been denied to play bcos of my expertise in the game..I still have a good collection of 4000 labels which i earned during that period There are some nights which I just awake and watch my earnings with so much proud. That feeling cant be replaced with any one..

Then i got my hands in to some more interesting games like pambharam , Kuttim kolum , Meen piductum, more abt these game later

Criticism.. What I think about

Yeah .. No one likes it in frank.Sometimes there are many arguments that many people like constructive criticism.. Is it true. I dont know yaar.Its like telling a complaint about son to his/ her parents. They will appreciate it for a while But in long run .. U can see that its not like that ..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gmail - Vijay, Ken Leebow has invited you to try Google Talk.

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Google Talk works with any computer speaker and microphone, such as
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Google Talk is still in beta. Just like with Gmail, we're working
hard to add features and make improvements, so we might also ask for
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The Google Talk Team

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Golf isnt easy one man

Yep I mean it.. I was in Nostalgia till i took my irons , woods and putters in hand. But now i know what atleast that is.. I thought aout being the Tiger woods junior when I saw the stuff in the TV.. Alas U never in the world will know this is such a diffciult game unless you try your hand in one of those irons..

But irrespective o

Friday, August 19, 2005

What a cute cute eyes

Brown eyes 2
Brown eyes 2,
originally uploaded by fd.
Holy smoke ...Her eyes are really pretty.. With a neat skin tone.. Awesome job

Hey u should meet him

Gods grace .. This week was good

You know what I meant if you are doing a thesis.. I decide upon my major proffesor. " Dr Nan Kong " He is very young and vibrant.You can get his him cv from here Resume Dr Nan Kong .

The topic is really cool. "Multi criteria Decision making " This is the kind of stuff I wanted to do to. I always see myslef as one who will be very good in doing these kind of tasks .

I had been corresponding with him for more than three months now.. He is very difficult to please and demands good quality work.However he more looks like to me as paper engine..The past week was kind of hectic I really mean it. In US i had never worked on weekends but he made me do it.. Jeez too mcuh journal and conference papers in this young age.I dont wonder why. He works bloody 20 hrs a day.. He told me he never sleep more than five hrs..


Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Vacation to San Diego, los Angeles

Yeah this one was much awaited one.. I wanted to visit west coast and it had been in my mind for a very long time. Some how things came well and I am able to made it..

my trip starts in thurday morning i got the plane by 8 am and reach San Diego witha stop over in New Orleans.. Was a good flight.. U know what south west is all about.. No snacks typically when u r travelling for 6 hrs this gives you a hell of time.....

Kumar anna came to pick me up and we went for lunch together and he dropped me in UTC mall with a skating ring this one was really cool and I enjoyed the mexican restaurant down there and the skating ring was indoor and the largest one I had seen when comapred to the Donald trumps rings in New York..

I spend some time in the mall and the nearby places and enjoyed some green tea and Baskin robins Ice cream from the nearby joints..

He came to pick me up by 6 pm and I was pretty much done by that time....

Friday .....

Museumand tye zoo and alll

Saturday ...

Sea world.. Great fun cathcing up with Dolphins and killer whales and very great fun place I really enjoyed being here and we spend a full day there and from ther head to Gaslamp distrcit...


I reached Agura hills ( Los angeles ) by like 11 am from there

Beverly hils small repetation
Rodeo drive

Had my first lesson in Golf this was really cool and I did really well., He told me that I have a great swing.. May be future vijay woods who knows...


Los Angels (Beveryly Hills)

Walk of fame
Chinese theater
Kodak Theater
Rodeo Drive
Stars homes about 40

The list looks like this

Leanardo Dicaprio
J Lo
Marlin Brando
Brad pitt
Jen aniston

Los angeles
China town
Little tokyo
Federal Court
Union station


This was really cool day the main places i covered in San Diego are

Coronado island
The great hotel Del Coronado
Fish Market
USS midway
Seaport Village
Harton plaza
gaslamp district
Indian Restaurant


I went to qualcomm and from there to one afghan restaurant for having lunch and by the time I was ready for my flight and .. Then the flight got a stop over in las Vegas where they have the slot machines and I was playing that for a while and I lost 2 dollars... Thats what these things are for... Just to take money away u.. i called Ola and he was there on time in Tampa airport waiting for me and I reached home by around 1:30 am tursday morning