Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Work life Balance My experience

This link from Mr Brad Feld is really great.

Work life Balance Yeah a very very important thing to be considered. May be I can put in this way. I know that my father he works hard when he does. But I always prefer to call him as a lazy guy. Some times even I asks him how did u get all this time always go for nomadic trips across North India for 15 to 20 days and some foreign land trips once in a year and all.Thats ok I can understand but he always finds time for hanging out with friends attending marriages traveling 200 miles and taking days off.

This one incident was really eye opening for me. I asked him one day. " Abba why are you taking this many vacations in a month, How did you find all this time rather than working on your business" His answer was some thing like this. " Yes , I did take off . I am doing it for you and family. Its not always business I want to spend time with you and this is my satisfaction " There is always a balance "

I just couldn't understand any thing at that point but when I am here in this far and distant world.I appreciate every second he spends with me .I am more happy this is incidental than accidental. Nothing can be compensated for those moments ..

Friday, July 22, 2005

United States of Andhra Pradesh..Aka Hyderabad United

This has been in my wits from the calendar day I am here. Yeah I would be fond of calling this country as Hyderabad united or US of Andhra Pradesh. The patels and singhs who established there landmark here are yielding to the representation of Andhra people in enormous numbers. I am acknowledged by the fact that all the Andhra people have the same deals anywhere in the USA. Imagine me going through this the same color of bag for the same price in three states. I really wonder BBC and CNN are good enough with in our strong Indian representation of news feeding. Love of mother tongue is really great even a board full of members from various countries can’t prevent two guys speaking in Telugu. Isn’t it great? After all who cares when the major representation is on our side? I believe that N T R will get more votes than Busch and Kerry united provided if eligibility is given to vote. Soon there comes a day in this country which declares Telugu as an official language.

It seems that homecoming people in the state fetches more returns than any one else in the civilization. I heard a recent rumor that 75 lakh to 1 crore is there advertised price. It depends upon the category also the price will be directly proportional to years spend and the green card processing H1, H4, F1 and L1.I heard L1 isn’t much appreciated as there is no assurance. After all the proud fathers of Siri venkatulu , Prathima ramdas, Kothapallu Srivatsas can easily afford that. Dreaming the pleasure of boasting off in the home land.There is no wonder why people are coming here and after all this is there next home land naaa.

Disclaimer: All the aforesaid is my strictly my opinion and no penalties will be paid to any one incurred.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What you doing , Dont you think its time to change the question..

There is an interesting article in the latest Business Week about the downturn in MBA applications and what that means for schools. Apparently the widely accepted cause of the drop in applications is a combination of rising costs, a leveling off in post-MBA salaries, and a reduced dependance on new MBA's in traditional MBA industries (consulting, I-banking, etc.). In other words, people who would have applied for an MBA 5 years ago are now looking at the costs and benefits and deciding to stay where they are and advance within their current company. Generally engineers thinks of finance as not too good field and most of the times don't give respect they deserved for business school students back in India (dont read IIMS in this category).Things are changing . A look back is always good.

I am a person who appreciate smart people any where in the globe. I admire any job based on the person who does that. For me Its all about who is doing it and how he is doing it than what he is doing..Opinions differ

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry potter what is it man

It’s time for me to write about something that has been bothering me for a long time and I have yet to address. I get sick and tired about hearing about any one subject over and over again without end. Moreover I get sick and tired of people obsessing over that subject and assuming because I do not there is something wrong with me. I don’t think people who aren’t Met fans are crazy, or that people who don’t vote Republican are somehow evil (yet almost defiantly misguided).

Yet every time I tell someone I haven’t read one word of Harry Potter I get a look like I was the second gunman on the grassy null. I am a fan of science fiction and of fantasy in general, but yet cannot find myself the slightest bit interested in this new cult known as Harry Potter. It may be that I am use to going against the grain of society, and therefore I cannot see myself follow the pack and reading something that the entire world is fixated on. But more importantly I see it as an act of not follow the pack of lemmings off the cliff...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Google map finds JESUS

Hey Do u think this is Jesus.. Some people does any way..Dont spread this Guys.. I am not responsible for those who believe it is .....