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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vijay Thullatha Manamum Thullum Tamil Movie Kollywood 1999

This song is one of my favourite quite old one..

Marie Digby, Rihanna - Umbrella (Acoustic)

This girls is amazing..Beauty talent good combination.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Notebook Lyrics 2006 Malayalam

Hey Guys, The response is overwhelming. You can send me an email at

Vijayvijay at

for receving the mp3 version of the song. Pinne venmegil you are most welcome to ente parsyathil 5 times amarthikollo.. Lolzz

Hey...heavenly star..
love you... more and more...
you're the one....aquarius....
who make my .......dream come true

Dhum thanakkam maNam thudikkum
ullilenthO thuLumbidum
pinneyellaam marannirikkum
kaLLanengo maRanjidum

puNarumee nimishamaay
pathivaay aaro mooLunnille cheviyilaay
mathiyillennay chollunnille manassilaay
thalirukal tharalamaay
praNayamO kalabhamaay
oLikkunnuvennaal polum
udikkunnu veeNdum veeNdum
kadakkaNNilaarO sooryanaay

Sundarante varavOrthirikkumoru sundari peNNu nee
kaamukante vili kaathirikkumoru kaamuki peNNu nee

Ilamanjil eeRanaam aalinte chillayil kiLikaLoru pOle paadi
sundarante varavOrthirikkumoru sundari pennu nee
kaamukante viLi kaathirikkumoru kaamuki peNNu nee
arikilaay vannu chEraan kothiyum
arikilaakunna neram bhayavum
ennaalum thOraathe eppOzhum nenjaake
neeyentEthaakaanalle thaaLam thuLLunnu
Dhum thanakkam maNam thudikkum
uLLilentho thuLumbidum
pinneyellaam marannirikkum
kaLLanengO maRanjidum

kaLiyoonjaal aadiyo kaattinte kaikalil avanumaa ninte naaNam
sundarante varavoRthirikkumoru sundari peNNu nee
kaamukante viLi kathirikkumoru kaamuki peNNu nee
ithaLurummunna pole chirakurummunna pole kanavil
aaraarum kaaNaathe onnonnum mindaathe
nee koode pOraanaayen mounam vingunnu

puNarumee nimishamaay
pathivaay aaro mooLunnille cheviyilaay
mathiyillennay chollunnille manassilaay
thalirukaL tharaLamaay
pRanayamo kalabhamaay
oLikkunnuvennaal pOlum
udikkunnu veendum veendum
kadakkaNNilaarO sooryanaay

sundarante varavorthirikkumoru sundari peNNu nee
kaamukante vili kathirikkumoru kaamuki peNNu nee
sundarante varavorthirikkumoru sundari peNNu nee
kaamukante vili kathirikkumoru kaamuki peNNu nee

Monday, February 12, 2007

Notebook Hrudhyavum Lyrics malayalm Movie

Dhum thakkanu manam thudikkumm Ullilentho thumlumbhidum
Pinneyellm manaranjirukkum kallenengo maranjidum

hridayavum Hrudayavum Punarumee Nimishamayi
pathivayaaro moolunnillee cheviyilayii
mathyilleennuu chollunille mansilayii

thalirukal tharalamai `
Pranyamo kalabhamayii

padikuunnu ennal polum
Udhikkunu veeendum veendum
kadakaanillaro sooryanay

Sundarante varavorthirkkumoru sundhari pennu nee
kamukante vlik kathirukkomru kamuki pennu neee ..Sundahrante ( Female)

Ila manjill eerajnam aalinte chillayil
Kilikal oru pole padi . Sundarante ()

Arikilayi vannu cheran kothiyum
arikilikunna neram bayavumm

Ennalum thorathey Eppozham nenjakey
neyente aakanelley thalam thullunnu

Dhum thakkanu manam thudikkumm Ullilentho thumlumbhidum
Pinneyellm manaranjirukkum kallenengo maranjidum

Hrudyyam Hrudayam Nimishamayii (Slow)

Kaliyoonjal aadiya kattinte kaykalil
Avanumayi ninte naanam ( Sundarante)

Ithalrumunna pole kavilalil
Chirakurummunna pole kanavil

Aararom kanathey onnonum mindathey
Nee kooday paaranayante Mounam vingunnuu

Hrudayam hrudyama punarumee ..



( I know its full of spelling mistakes some one with more patience can do the rest of the job)

This is one of the good song I heard after a long time.

You can send me an email for the MP3 version.
Vijayvijay at

Monday, February 05, 2007

Learning more and more


It seems to me like an infinite loop. We never stop learing. As I am planning on changing the focus to finance and IT. Things just got piled up quick and fast. I have been learning fin maths for more than a year. Especially concentrated on derivatives, Fixed income and FX.

The new passion is in spreadsheets. I know these people breath spreadsheets. I got familiar with some VBA application in excel. I some how enjoy writing these. I just wish I could know about this atleast an year before. (I was busy with thesis and stuffs for an excuse lolzz).

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Random Musings

Dear All:

    This is a public notice. To all my friends and regular visitors of the blog. last few months posting have been very light. I was busy the Graduation and many other things. My life as such was mundane except the graduation. It all come with you through writing thesis.I used to receive comments for my previous posts and I very little care about posting them and replying to them promptly. Recently I tried to do a overhaul and here come the new design to inform my friends that I am back.

  In fact much of my time was taken by pursuing variety of interests. My Geek in me was restless and I think academy is the best place to quench the thirst of a drying throat. I was involved more in studying the interesting area of Entrepreneurship and Finance. Writing the thesis also demanded much of my time considering the barriers ;).

Few important upgrades of my life:

     1) Defended my thesis of November 2nd 2006
     2) I received graduate degree on December 16th 2006
     3) Moved to New York , December 17th 2006

Since I moved to a fast moving city , I hope I will have much to talk about.

Moved to New York

Moved on to New York,. Things have been good I graduated with Masters Degree. It seems to be taking me for a ride. This was the day I have been waiting for a long time. Now its the time of interviews, Job calls, roaming, time of fun and feelingness of acheivement.