Friday, February 24, 2006

New web page inGoogle

I know that its rolling , But tey hit the street now. Now I have official google pages up there.

Click to get a feel.. Vijays google page


Going to Atlanta

I am heading to atlanta. for a short tripp
Joseph savio
301 Maryland st
Demo rest GA 30535

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I like this one

I was talking with my friend Cihan about continuing my education in a different area. He thinks I am you should follow ur intuition. He said this thig about Initution " Who would know if you dont know". quoted Cihan Babayigit

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So u have a car ..Now what

Drumm.. For all the souls who are less informative. Buying the car is just the beginning of it... Those guys who pay insurance in US. You know what I am talking. Typically u have driving experience less than 3 years and Under 25 years of age.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Had some Fun finally and paying for itt......

Last weekend was amazing . one of my friend from Knoksville. ( I am not a spelling bee champion). HE took for a treat on friday. Had some really good indian kind of dish( The restaurant was middle eastern though) Whatever I like it..

Some ferocius discussions leading to topics like Bible, Quran, and Jews book leaded to israel and world brrotherhood and some random crap... Was fun though. Go to bed by 5 got by 11 and head to friends house , Then here comes the call for Beach trip ( Clear water). Yeah there were 12 people headed to beach and was there till 8 i guess. landed back to republic day function right on time for FOOD... Lolzzz this was funny.

Had some Nan and curry ( Indian dish ) there. Headed for a movie Firewall ( Harrison ford in action ) good one. Then spend some time in remote place.( Lolzz) head back to bed by 5 am and sunday was cool not much went to wal-mart , and head back to home for a bit of sleep which I was lagging behind. Call from friend to Biriyani.. Great one,,,

was there till 10:30 wish my friend good luck and head back to home by 10:30 I guess. working starts and up till 1 am I guess..

I hate mondays Man....

2 exams to catch up and a Big assisgnment ... God knows what am I going to do for it....

Friday, February 17, 2006

Random crap..and scriblings

Me : What happened Vijay not cing around much
Myself :Yeah I know its sad though.. Work is killing

Me: What happened to ur social activities clubs parties hhum humm
Myself: That was long back my friend. Priorities Changes..

Me: How abt I hear lot of girl friends I guess.
Myself: Not really I do have some friends.But not getting enough time to meet up though. even though I would luv too..

Me:What abt for valentine
Myslef: Yeah nothing special , as usual few phone callssss.Thats it

Me: I heard that you are planning on starting some company or so..
Myslef: Appaprently that was in my priority list for a long time. Even did some research in that regard to. But no enough people can understand what I am talking.

Me: So whats up now how does ur schedules buddy
Myslef: Its f**ked up man. 24/6 I say..

Me : Why 6
Myself: I am not an Insane man. I want a day off for me..

Me : Brought a car becoming busy I heard
Myslef: drop that piece man. I wanted to go lot of places bfore I brough the car.Now I have car no time... Its sad..

Me: So c yaa i dont want to bugg u
Myslef: No probs. Gotta do some stuffs catch u in the weekend for sure..

Friday, February 10, 2006

Breaking my Silence

I know that I had been silent for a long time . My friends keep on asking me why what happened yo ur blog. They urged me to write it ( Any way they are having fun reading my blog thats a good thing).

Breaking my silence I am starting from the scratch again sticking to my rutine of atleast 2 posts / week I guess..

My sisters comment

Last few weeks are crazy...

Some how My sister know more about me than anything else I guess. She is also busy when ever I try her she is not in the home either in the tuition or some thing else..

And this happened that I got a chance to talk with her. She asked me one good question. Anna how many hours u sleep. I am totally bowled and she said that I know you and sleeping is really important. And she wished me to sleep for more thann 6 hours. Yeah I want to.. Some times I dont know I just cant lie in the bad it just a kinf o like that I dont know why..

Probably I will be taking care of my cleep hereafter I guess...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Atlanta or nottt...

Current Mood:-
I am happy but lot of work to do as I know. I cant help it.

I got some new friends. They are really good but I am invited to Atlanta for this month end. I really want to go and when I look in to my schedules I really god Mad and overloaded..

More than that my TA job has been difficult than ever before .. I dont want this blog to be a rant ...

But thats what I am going through now.. Cross my fingers and I pray for Lord almighty to get things straightt...

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VentureBlog: Company Building For Eight Year Olds

VentureBlog: Company Building For Eight Year Olds

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Grocery and cooking ......

Yeah, After coming from India on jan 10 . I am literally living on american junk foods. As I dont have a car (I am looking for one) I couldnt do grocery and I dont know to cook any thing with out my major and almost first ingredient Onions and Potatoes.

My good friend offered me a ride which I grace fully declined respecting his time constaraints. I hate to wait in the line. I hope he also feels the same. So i dont want to do that.

Then last friday we made it. After my regular round of Gold I was able to got Walmart to get some food stuffs. And now the brilliant idea of cooking comes in to my mind. I though about cooking and apparently it didnt happen in Saturday as I went to one vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

Then saturdays night I went to prayer ( hari Sharanam ) may be I will explain that later. So thats also done.

Sunday morning i wanted to start with some thing good and eventually cooked some Chicken Biriyani. It wasnt the best i could have done but definitely was a good start after a 45 day vacation ..

I know it will take some days to get tuned but hpefully the earlier the better. I went to Indian store on Saturday and brought some daal and masalas and all...

so i am back cooking and eating healthy food..

last weekend....

Yes it was fun filled.. I went to temple to attend the Swami ayyappa pooja and then from there headed to home.

I dont know what I am up to now a days. More over I think I am losing away. Yielding to corporate america. I started thinking everything in terms of business plans and strategies and all. Whats the change. I hardly keep time for myself. i badly wanted to sleep but I cant. I read read a lot. But for what dont know..

I read subjects suprisingly know.Watching the shares going up and down does it makes sense to me.. yep a kind of. But is it important .. I dont know.