Friday, February 17, 2006

Random crap..and scriblings

Me : What happened Vijay not cing around much
Myself :Yeah I know its sad though.. Work is killing

Me: What happened to ur social activities clubs parties hhum humm
Myself: That was long back my friend. Priorities Changes..

Me: How abt I hear lot of girl friends I guess.
Myself: Not really I do have some friends.But not getting enough time to meet up though. even though I would luv too..

Me:What abt for valentine
Myslef: Yeah nothing special , as usual few phone callssss.Thats it

Me: I heard that you are planning on starting some company or so..
Myslef: Appaprently that was in my priority list for a long time. Even did some research in that regard to. But no enough people can understand what I am talking.

Me: So whats up now how does ur schedules buddy
Myslef: Its f**ked up man. 24/6 I say..

Me : Why 6
Myself: I am not an Insane man. I want a day off for me..

Me : Brought a car becoming busy I heard
Myslef: drop that piece man. I wanted to go lot of places bfore I brough the car.Now I have car no time... Its sad..

Me: So c yaa i dont want to bugg u
Myslef: No probs. Gotta do some stuffs catch u in the weekend for sure..

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Awesome post i say