Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Grocery and cooking ......

Yeah, After coming from India on jan 10 . I am literally living on american junk foods. As I dont have a car (I am looking for one) I couldnt do grocery and I dont know to cook any thing with out my major and almost first ingredient Onions and Potatoes.

My good friend offered me a ride which I grace fully declined respecting his time constaraints. I hate to wait in the line. I hope he also feels the same. So i dont want to do that.

Then last friday we made it. After my regular round of Gold I was able to got Walmart to get some food stuffs. And now the brilliant idea of cooking comes in to my mind. I though about cooking and apparently it didnt happen in Saturday as I went to one vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

Then saturdays night I went to prayer ( hari Sharanam ) may be I will explain that later. So thats also done.

Sunday morning i wanted to start with some thing good and eventually cooked some Chicken Biriyani. It wasnt the best i could have done but definitely was a good start after a 45 day vacation ..

I know it will take some days to get tuned but hpefully the earlier the better. I went to Indian store on Saturday and brought some daal and masalas and all...

so i am back cooking and eating healthy food..

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