Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Its becoming too much

I dont have any one to blame for this.. 15 credit hrs. with Teaching assistant job , Research work and Project...

I wish I become a Superman or some thing like that...atleast for this semester..

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why Katrina and not not jeanu reeves, Why Rita and not Reese witherspoon

Do you ever wonder about the name Katrina , Charlie , Rita and all.. These names sounds good. But u know how dangerous and deadly these names are.. Ask some one in New Orleans or Texas they are going to tell you about it.

If you want to know about it read below ..

Hurricanes names are chosen from a list selected by the World Meteorological Organization. The Atlantic is assigned six lists of names, with one list used each year. Every sixth year, the first list begins again. Each name on the list starts with a different letter, for example, the name of the very first hurricane of the season starts with the letter A, the next starts with the letter B, and so on. The letters "Q", "U", "X", "Y" and "Z", however, are not used.

Often when an unusually destructive hurricane hits, that hurricane's name is retired and never used again. Since 1954, forty names have been retired. In 1996 Hurricane Luis was retired. Is your name among the currently used or retired hurricane names?. Check to look whether your name is in the list..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Transperency please....

I am all for transparency with very very few exception of stuffs concerning my friends.

This blog, my flickr posts, My VC blog , My yahoo 360etc are all about opening up my world, my views, and who I am to everyone so they can make a judgment about me, whether they want to be my friend, share anything with me, or show me the opportunity to learn from them and about their values..

I dislike people who hide their views, dodge questions, and are not open.

It is for this reason that I like extrovert guys.. Yeah the last thing I will do in my life is to go out with some one who is so much in his world....

Who in the world know what conspiracy theory is running on their well seasoned and not channeled minds..

I would like to quote my father here..

Whenever we discuss some thing very general and we share our views.He says this quite often.

" If you see a snake and a person who doesnt open his mouth for whatever reason and you should attack them first and then the snake"...

Then logic is so simple that person is more poisonous than any rattle snake you can find in the world....

The below writing is inspired by A VC blog.. By the way he is great VC and I always respect his views and his way of thinking may be some day I can meet him.. Or make some business deal. If I am lucky enough.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Amazon rocks...

America is a dream land for customers. There was this interesting this happened last week. I am a big fan of John Battelle . I decide to order his new book " The Search ". The topic is some thing what I call as my stuff ( Web technologies ). Anything about Google is not enough for me. The other book in mind was " Startegies for Real Estate " George Ross
An excellent guy who makes what trump is worth of now...

Ok let me get in to real stuff.. I ordered both of these books from Amazon.. Unluckily I didnt recieve the first package they sent me.. What i had to do is to just make a call to Amazon customer care and they promise to send me a new package . Air borne to mention.. What an amazing customer service...I recieved the package too..

I dont know whether this will work in India. But as my intuition tells me. " Any industry customer oriented cant lose "

Its very critical in India as people are making enough money they can afford to spend for service and as i learned in recent days better qality = nothing but low price. ...

There is this idea in my mind that Indian customers deserve the best in the world.. May be they have to wait till I go back and do some stuff for themm..he he

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The nuissances to bear beath with....

The credit goes to one India times bloogger ... I forgot copy the source....

The below opinion is not mine just I found the way of writing interesting...

The girl climbs up from 132 to within the top 50 in world tennis rankings this year.

And becomes the first Indian woman to reach the 4th round of a grand slam... an achievement we are all proud of.

But some jerks decide that the only thing that they need to pay attention to is the "inappropriate attire" she is wearing!!! Why don't such assholes just go and quarantine themselves in a mental asylum (and be subjected to a few thousand volts of electricity everyday just for the fun of it).

So unbelievably irritating!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Whats with you North Indian Gals??

This is not my opinion but some one from India times .. I found this pretty interesting ....

Whats with you North Indian Gals??

I am sorry if I sound angry and agitated! But ist true!! .........These northies, who are all beauty and no brains, attract all our South boys (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra) o god..........all of it!!! There have been three instances i can remember:

1) My cousin sister who is a doctor got her marriage fixed with this sweet doctor Andhrite boy, two months later she shows up with a northie, beautiful, smooth skin and a F-ing TEACHER!! she was a teacher - how much brains do you need for that! butr oh yeah, she was FUNNY as he claimed and of course would drop down on her knees and suck him to glory! which us southies wont do because we repect ourselves.

2) THREE of my close cousin brothers have all married north girls, not just north-east b ut north-west! Why?? because they were all dress designers or “fashion consultants” (where is the brains in that??) and came with truckloads of dowry because all their dads were rich businessman, not servicemen like our engineer fathers.

3) This guy who I have liked for three years, we studied engineering together in the same college. Final year, i thought he would ask to go steady because we studied together, spoke the same language and liked the same things (isnt that enuf reason for us to hook up??). But he goes off and proposes to a north indian girl! why? i dont know, she is a commerce major, ok good there! but wears skanky clothes! skirts that i would wear as bandanas! just because she is sweet and looks like the next femina girl does not mean she knows everything about him. what he likes, dislieks, how to communicate with his parents in kannada? how to teach his kids kannada! and how to carry on the same values! Im deeply upset but more angry

cant these northies stick to their own clan? man some punjabi guys are hot as hell, but i dont go for that because i know to stick to my guns. why cant some northies do that? keep their skanky paws off our local decent boys! i know its their tanned skin colour, but theres more to them and these skanks will NEVER know! And alll our south boys need to act straight and realise that life is more than skin deep and stop being traitors!!


Onam festival a small treat

Friday we went o One Italina restaurant Maggiano this was good thugh.. there we met shelton Randolph and with pius and Gopan. navin couldnt join us as he was buys with some other personal stufsss...

I cam back by 12 pm and joined with my friends in Campus walk for usual friday nigh event..

Saturday was the Indian Independence day festival and there was the big cultural show and other stuffs.. Which was really good..

Personally I didnt like the food there .. But i say that Shrikanth the new SIA president is really good and I admire a lot of good things in him. He know how to get the things done ,,

The saturday i was ctahing with a movie and stuff. Morning as i have togo to college by 9 am as Dr Zayas was asking me to get a project done.. I was here on sunday morning by 9 am bloody I hate it but nothing much to do...

Yep. Its a pleasure to celevrate Onam here across the globe 16,000 miles away from home. Yep Gopan invited me for a small Onam festival in his friends house.. Ajith

To my suprise we had a very good lunch .. It was amazing i really mean it. There was this traditional cuisine Onam Sadhya. They have like 10 items and all are good..

from there to Temple for Vinayaka chaturthy celebrations and was really good

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long long labour day weekend

Clear water was good enough. I went for the Jet Skiing stuffs , This one was really good and i really had a nice time doing it. Infact i was really fast and was competing with the proffesional guys over there. As if I were an expert.

From there to Miami

Yep I mean it. This is 3 rd trip in 2 months. Yeah I had fun there. But its too much for me. I am a kind of tired after this trip.Nothing new except an exotic lunch with Lobsters in the Ocean drive and some nice cafeterias in Lincol avenue..

The driving was a fun part. i really enjoyed driving the awesome car i rented .For 4 days 170 dollars is ok for a medium sized car.

Then the entir trip was bloody expensive in terms of food. Blame me for the great straberry shakes and the No mc Donald policy.

Yep the hotel was good next to beach and had some nice experince.