Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long long labour day weekend

Clear water was good enough. I went for the Jet Skiing stuffs , This one was really good and i really had a nice time doing it. Infact i was really fast and was competing with the proffesional guys over there. As if I were an expert.

From there to Miami

Yep I mean it. This is 3 rd trip in 2 months. Yeah I had fun there. But its too much for me. I am a kind of tired after this trip.Nothing new except an exotic lunch with Lobsters in the Ocean drive and some nice cafeterias in Lincol avenue..

The driving was a fun part. i really enjoyed driving the awesome car i rented .For 4 days 170 dollars is ok for a medium sized car.

Then the entir trip was bloody expensive in terms of food. Blame me for the great straberry shakes and the No mc Donald policy.

Yep the hotel was good next to beach and had some nice experince.

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