Monday, September 12, 2005

Onam festival a small treat

Friday we went o One Italina restaurant Maggiano this was good thugh.. there we met shelton Randolph and with pius and Gopan. navin couldnt join us as he was buys with some other personal stufsss...

I cam back by 12 pm and joined with my friends in Campus walk for usual friday nigh event..

Saturday was the Indian Independence day festival and there was the big cultural show and other stuffs.. Which was really good..

Personally I didnt like the food there .. But i say that Shrikanth the new SIA president is really good and I admire a lot of good things in him. He know how to get the things done ,,

The saturday i was ctahing with a movie and stuff. Morning as i have togo to college by 9 am as Dr Zayas was asking me to get a project done.. I was here on sunday morning by 9 am bloody I hate it but nothing much to do...

Yep. Its a pleasure to celevrate Onam here across the globe 16,000 miles away from home. Yep Gopan invited me for a small Onam festival in his friends house.. Ajith

To my suprise we had a very good lunch .. It was amazing i really mean it. There was this traditional cuisine Onam Sadhya. They have like 10 items and all are good..

from there to Temple for Vinayaka chaturthy celebrations and was really good

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