Monday, September 12, 2005

Whats with you North Indian Gals??

This is not my opinion but some one from India times .. I found this pretty interesting ....

Whats with you North Indian Gals??

I am sorry if I sound angry and agitated! But ist true!! .........These northies, who are all beauty and no brains, attract all our South boys (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra) o god..........all of it!!! There have been three instances i can remember:

1) My cousin sister who is a doctor got her marriage fixed with this sweet doctor Andhrite boy, two months later she shows up with a northie, beautiful, smooth skin and a F-ing TEACHER!! she was a teacher - how much brains do you need for that! butr oh yeah, she was FUNNY as he claimed and of course would drop down on her knees and suck him to glory! which us southies wont do because we repect ourselves.

2) THREE of my close cousin brothers have all married north girls, not just north-east b ut north-west! Why?? because they were all dress designers or “fashion consultants” (where is the brains in that??) and came with truckloads of dowry because all their dads were rich businessman, not servicemen like our engineer fathers.

3) This guy who I have liked for three years, we studied engineering together in the same college. Final year, i thought he would ask to go steady because we studied together, spoke the same language and liked the same things (isnt that enuf reason for us to hook up??). But he goes off and proposes to a north indian girl! why? i dont know, she is a commerce major, ok good there! but wears skanky clothes! skirts that i would wear as bandanas! just because she is sweet and looks like the next femina girl does not mean she knows everything about him. what he likes, dislieks, how to communicate with his parents in kannada? how to teach his kids kannada! and how to carry on the same values! Im deeply upset but more angry

cant these northies stick to their own clan? man some punjabi guys are hot as hell, but i dont go for that because i know to stick to my guns. why cant some northies do that? keep their skanky paws off our local decent boys! i know its their tanned skin colour, but theres more to them and these skanks will NEVER know! And alll our south boys need to act straight and realise that life is more than skin deep and stop being traitors!!


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