Saturday, June 24, 2006

DLF IPO.. delayed . Some one said timing is everything in banking

The DLF management and the company's merchant bankers are believed to have pruned the stratospheric valuation of the company from about $25 billion to $15-$18 billion. The number of shares proposed to be issued, about 202 million, remains the same, but the amount sought to be raised, about $3.1 billion, may be cut to about $1.6 billion. Also, there is a possibility that the issue may be delayed.
It's wait-and-watch time for IPOs- The Economic Times
I like this song

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Alumni networks are vulnerable

I am sad to see this. the Alumni Networks of top colleges including stanford and harvard is vulnerable. People can always get access to that and use it for wrong reasons. if some one resposible contacted me I will be glad to point that out. So that they can close the loop hole. I did a pilot study on the same.

Sad!!! I wish some one contact me..

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sheron Kuttis SongI never know that she can sing this good. This one sure needs a Hi Fi

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Top ten lies of entrepreneur

Please read the full story here Go BIG Network

What I am at the moment

its exacyly 46 mins past midnight ie 00:46 am . I am here trying to do some thing but I dont know what is it. What am I looking for I have no clue. What am I working for. I know it but currently there is no idea what is going on in general.I am confused enough than any other guy over here.

This is what life teaches you. When u stay away from parents When I am in India what I need is only a call or a sitting with my father. Now since they are not able to understand exactly what is going on here and I dont want them to know there is an ambiguity in my decision and I dont want to make any wrong steps infact.

Just meditate and see only the goal in your life and I am sure that destiny in my mind will let me find the right path for me.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dell buddies up with Skype -

Any more evidence for showing that Dell is bleeding in revenues. Last few weeks there is news about Dell tying up with Skype and Google. Is this good of course I know its not bad unless some one sues them or this is build in to the agreement. Watch out user. Doesn't MS did the same thing by bundling ie.

Dell buddies up with Skype - "Dell buddies up with Skype

Free VoIP software bundled with new systems

Dell has signed a deal to bundle Skype's VoIP software on its new XPS laptop systems, providing free internet voice and video calls to other Skype users.

Users can choose to have Skype preloaded on the Dell XPS M2010 notebook, which features an integrated webcam for video calls. Dell will also offer a package that includes noise isolating earphones."

The Potential of Imminent Death Brings Peace, Focus, and Mental Calm (by Jeremy Zawodny)

The Potential of Imminent Death Brings Peace, Focus, and Mental Calm (by Jeremy Zawodny): "I have one of those minds that's always jumping around and thinking about new things--never idle. But when your life depends on every one of your next moves, you become incredibly focused on the moment. It's very calming."

Read the above one so carefully. Yes, I am in a career decision making role. When your life depends on the next couple of moves you become extremely focused on just the next move/s.

Qn? Is there any way which move decides what (I will try to answer this question later thinking !!! )