Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blogging policies I follow

This blog and its attributed are credited to Philipp Lensen his blog can be reached through here Blog Outer Court

This one is about the tust worthiness of the News I am publsihing ...

Yes, I think I am trustworthy. I follow several principles to be trustworthy:

- I publish my full name, home address, ungarbled email, and photo on my blog
- Every post has a permanent link with a full date and my name below the post
- All posts can be commented on for corrections or feedback
- If I change a post (and it's more than a simple corrected typo) I will make it clear what has been changed either by using the HTML elements [del] / [ins] which were made for that cause, or by posting an update at the end of a post(which is flagged as such), or by making sure the comments contain the information on the change.
This way, I won't report on X, have people link to it saying I reported X, and then change my post to Y, as that would hurt the blogspace discussion.
- I don't report rumors as facts, and I always state who said what (e.g. by naming the full name -- I prefer linking to people who write using their full name -- or by linking to the source). I avoid "Some say..." or "Some people argue..." when I don't have a link ready to accompany this. When I report on a rumor I clearly mark it as such and end the post's title with a question mark (like "New Google Service XYZ?")
and I mention the word "rumor" or similar in the post.
- I come up in official news aggregators such as Google News and am mentioned in other blogs and mainstream news sources.
- I am always available to be contacted and discuss a story, and also, I publish arguments which are against my posts so the other side gets their point of view be seen as well.
- I keep on posting on a daily basis and there is a trustworthy community building around the blog.
- When I did make an error in a post, I clear it up by posting an update. I don't try to hide this error but make clear that I did it.
When the post is very fresh and I find out it covers a hoax (even when I warned it might be a hoax or rumor), I rarely remove the post completely; if I do so, I post the full text of the original post in the blog's forum as reference that it was online.

So I think these policies are far better than any News Papers and official sites. They dont even care to talk about the source where they found the article.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Times Square New Year 2005 videos..its me there

New Year in Times Square New York. This is really cool. The Times Square will be crowded so much that not even the native people will be able to see what is going there. There will be more than a million people extending from 42 street to 59 street(Central park) on the either side of the road trying to get a glimpse of the New Year ball dropping.

I was incidently really lucky enough to get a very convenient pplacement even Yonkers would be jealous to hear.. Thanks to this anonymous Policeman. Who helped me ..I was in 43 street in top of a 7th floor celebrating New year with some crazy European and British people who just flown down to celebrate the New Year..There was enough boose and girls to make any one mad..

You can see the videos down here

This one I didnt even mention about this. But its me celebrating New Year in Times Sqaure New York.

Yes I did spend my New Year 2005 in Time Square. I was in a very convenient position that time. I did even took the count down and ball dropping my 3 mega pixel camera.So if you want to see the count down click Countdown 3. 2. 1. So now its official and public in google videos..

Who know where I will be this New Year.. Possibly in Cochin with my parents. Thats what even I want too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Boss's Daughter

Yesterday I met a very special person, a cute, charming, intelligent and talkitive girl. Incidently she is my Boss's daughter, it was around 5.20 PM, and the boss called me upstairs in the cafeteria. He introduced me to her, and she already knew who I was, maybe he had told her about me beforehand. Then the boss left for some work, and for a period of around 40 minutes we were together.

People were staring, many came to ask who she was, but she had this exclusivity of attention towards me. Whenever anyone else came, she became silent to ward people off, but when together she talked about so many things about her friends and herself. That cherubic smile held me wondering, and I had never got so much attention from anyone. She listened intently to every word I spoke, and caught me fumbling too.

It was a special evening, too bad that I had to leave early for home around 6.15 pm, I just didn't wish to but snarls were warning me already. This 6 year old girl had held me spellbound with her smile and stories, now I know why my Boss is always in a good mood, with such a bundle of joy at home no one can ever get stressed....

I just hope she might have told about me to her friends at school, just the way she told about her school friends to me.

Top 7 Tricks For Getting an Interview

This is brilliant.. Top 7 tricks for getting your resume to hiring manager.

I dont quite agree with the 5th tip though..

Let me paste the stuff down for you or you can read from the Website

Top 7 Tricks For Getting an Interview

Ok, you've tried everything - You're emailed your resume out, you've used a resume distribution company, etc..... And no one is calling you back. Its ok, you're not alone. For every 100 resumes you mail out, statistically you should get 10 interviews and one job offer. However, these are rough averages. To stack the decks in your favor and stand out from the others, below are the top seven tricks we've found for getting your resume to stand out.

1.) Use a different color paper for mailing your resumes. Chances are, you're using a cream, white, or gray paper color. Yes? So is everyone else. Be creative, and use a non-resume paper. Be original, and stand out. With that said, should you use hot pink? No, remember you're applying for a professional career - but do choose something less common than white, cream, or gray.

2.) Use a different size paper for your resume. Why you ask? Have you ever shuffled a stack of papers. Do you ever have one/a few pieces of paper that your shuffling are a different size than the others. They stand out right? Of course they do, they stand out from the rest - it's simple, but it does make your resume stand out.

3.) Inside contact - If you're interested in a specific company, get an inside contact. This means proactively trying to meet someone from the company, or a friend of a friend situation. People hire people they know - its comfortable. Therefore, do whatever it takes to get an inside contact.

4.) Certified Letter - Have you ever sent a certified letter? All it requires is going to the post office, and paying a few dollars to send it certified with confirmation. This means that the recipient of the letter must sign for it. And I'll bet that they'll sign - they're curious, and want to know what it is. By sending it certified to the hiring manager, you're insuring that your letter has reached its destination - it has reached the hiring manager. This is a huge plus, as usually the hiring manager's mail is filtered through a number of gate keepers.

I am not for this one though

5.) Send your resume with a gift. Yes, a gift. Head over to the local florist, pizza place, etc - get creative. Pick out a nice bouquet or lunch, and deliver it to the office with your resume. If you do the pizza, here's a tip - put your resume in a zip lock bag and tape it to the inside of the box.

6.) Deliver the resume in person. What do you have to lose? Walk into the office, and ask for the hiring manager (by name). Just say you need to discuss the current job opening with him. Sound crazy? It works - they will see you as being determined, proactive, and outgoing.

This one is really cool and may be working ....

7.) The post-it note trick. In larger companies (and sometimes in medium/smaller companies) a secretary or an office assistant will open the resumes for the employees. This person is responsible for screening for junk mail and to weed out non-qualified candidates. Therefore, here is the trick. Take a regular Post-it note, and write something like "This one looks good! - J", and attach it to your resume. Who is "J"? Who cares! The point is that the hiring manager will get a resume with a Post-it note on it, stating that it's good. Therefore, they are more likely to pay close attention to the resume at the direction of another employee. By the time the person realizes its not a note from their mail screener, you've already gotten your resume reviewed - is it deceptive? - no, its effective and innovative advertising.

Monday, October 24, 2005

What is going on in General

.. I am a victiom of WIlma today.And there is no class. U know one thing when we have a leave for school. I just feel like I am in India. I called my friends up there and suddenly the entire work stuff seems to take a break..

Now a days. I am spending most of my time in India restaurants and in Temple as it seems. My party life is beckoning now a days.. I dont know I kinda being slow..Any way it doesnt matter much..

Whats going on right now

My friends has been bugging me to make then Dosa ( A south Indian Delicacy) for more than 4 months. Yesterday I went there and had my dinner there.. That was really nice. If I couldnt meet the deadines of dosa with in 2 days. I will surely get my ass kicked..SO i am being a good boy and yeilding to that..

Yeah movies. Thats what it is going on. I did the see the movie pretty woman. A julia roberts flick 1990s though. Julia roberts is ablsolutely stunning and give every millionaire a bloody run for money. I dont wonder that Richard Geere cant resist.So watch out...

I am yeielding to chatting now a days. There are many friends for me online and offline and its difficult to catch up with all stuffs.. Yesterday to my suprise I heard form Jennifer. She is simply good..

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hey this is meee


I kind of like this photoo.. I dont know whyy Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Holy cow .. Another hurricane [ Wilma ]

This is just insane.. I am tired hearing about hurricanes. Ivan, Charlie , Katrina...

This ones name is Wilma.. To my amusement. This one is directly on our path. The green spot is the place i live, Tampa florida. I dont want any one to get hurt..

Its time to change the nursery rhyme..

Hurricane Hurricane go away
come again another day
Little johny wants to play

What u learn in Business Schools

This one I found interesting

1 - A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow

2 - You will make more money if you take more risk

3 - You can value an asset if you know its cash flows, the timing of them, and
can quantify the risks of acheiving those cash flows

4 - Markets are made up of speculators and hedgers.

5 - The best price to sell something isn't always the lowest price.

Great blog from Fred.. If you want to read the original article visit here

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Deals in India.. What is going on there.

I sincerely wish I am the one who behind all these deals. I wish I could work with a consulting firm and do all the bloody hell of deals in the world. It is such a passionate job. Its just like helping the corporations to get married, Any way marriages are such a graceful and happy occasion. I understood that the companies get married for strategies and share prices (Dowry) they marry not because they love each other but to prevent some big ones exploiting small ones.

I dont want this one to be a startgey blog explaning all these stuffs. But u can read more what I am talking about in this.. Deals in India (World) M & A.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Back to this blog ...The real intentionsss

I understand that the infulence of my thoughts on the other side of wall is gaining much more strength...

Back to this blogs real intention...

Few weeks has been passed since I mention something about what is going in my real life.. Yeah there is not much happening now a days. Thats why I am kind of mumbling around with out words and all..

My fridays are usual i will leave by 5:00 pm here and head to The Claw for a round of Golf.Now I have a lot of friends there waiting for my arrival. I have been commented as the player who makes quick progress (fastest as they say)..

Then about the India trip it is more or less finalised and I am happy that Mr Nan Kong was kind enough to understand my inclination og though towards home.. ( I am paying a hefty sum a flight charges as the decision is made late):)

Then about the Teaching assistant job..Dr McCright is really busy which in turn makes me more busier day after day.Correcting papers will be last thing you wanted to do anyway.

About the Research, Yeah I am making good progress as Dr Kong feels and I hope to complete the degree as fast as possible.. August is the earliest Due to some earlier adventures which I took... ( After all Fou0r months in New York is not bad).

I am the Secretery of Institute of operations Research and Managemsnt science aka INFORMS. I did a good presentation explaining the Mission and Vision of the organisation. Departemnt chair person along with other fellows from the holy geekery community was there.

Then I am planning to visit London on my way back home.Hopefully things should settle for something good and I can reach home as early as possible..2 Days in London is after all not a very bad Idea. May be I will be staying with friends over there or in some student hostels..Whatever the case may be I firmly believe London is a city worth exploring ..


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Probably these article belongs to this site

I wonder where to place this article.. Probably These articles article 1 and article 2 belongs to this place..

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Being dyslexic and problem or what..

I am tired of hearing that I make a lot of spelling mitsakes. For immortals they describe this as dyslexic.Why not me?. Do you truly think it as a problem. Read more... I found out from my sister that Einstein is dyslexic (Imagine he making spelling mistakes in mass energrgy equation.). May be he landed up in E= MC^2 through this while other people write a b c d ... Whatsoever the case I also found out that beside Einstien, Thomas Edison ( The bulb guy), Leonardo Da Vinci (Monalisa fame), Auguste Rodin, Winston Churchill, Niels Bohr, Michael Faraday (and many other grand philosophers) were dyslexic. Anyway I am not bothred about this henceforth.As its an admirable report for me..

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I believe some things better left " Unsaid "

No news cant be bad than this..

Typically if you leaving awaya from family in the middle of nowhere. I need to go home, In this december things have been going in such a good phase. Booking tickets purchasing for home. Confirming and affirming my family , Sister and mother espesially that I am going to spend the christmas and new year with them..

I had been working with my proffesor for my masters thesis.Its kind of unsaid rule that I have to obtain permission from his holliness before leaving, irrespective of his generousity in ur tuition.

I started working with him only after I decided that I go to go home.In a very casual mannner I told him about my desire of leaving home in december for 3 weeks ( Considering the fligh for 5 days it isnt much ) and he told me he cant relieve me now as I have to work towards my thesis..

He doesnt want to know any thing regarding the work I am putting like 16 hrs / day for 6 days.This is Insanse.

update : Eventually I talked to him and he kind of nodded his head to leave me if I can complete a book which is my project is based on and have to read nearly 50 one IEEE journal and you understand what I am talking about.

I am ready to do whatver in the world to get me back to home... I cant wait any more..After all America is the worst trap ever found for human greed.