Thursday, October 06, 2005

Being dyslexic and problem or what..

I am tired of hearing that I make a lot of spelling mitsakes. For immortals they describe this as dyslexic.Why not me?. Do you truly think it as a problem. Read more... I found out from my sister that Einstein is dyslexic (Imagine he making spelling mistakes in mass energrgy equation.). May be he landed up in E= MC^2 through this while other people write a b c d ... Whatsoever the case I also found out that beside Einstien, Thomas Edison ( The bulb guy), Leonardo Da Vinci (Monalisa fame), Auguste Rodin, Winston Churchill, Niels Bohr, Michael Faraday (and many other grand philosophers) were dyslexic. Anyway I am not bothred about this henceforth.As its an admirable report for me..

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