Monday, October 24, 2005

What is going on in General

.. I am a victiom of WIlma today.And there is no class. U know one thing when we have a leave for school. I just feel like I am in India. I called my friends up there and suddenly the entire work stuff seems to take a break..

Now a days. I am spending most of my time in India restaurants and in Temple as it seems. My party life is beckoning now a days.. I dont know I kinda being slow..Any way it doesnt matter much..

Whats going on right now

My friends has been bugging me to make then Dosa ( A south Indian Delicacy) for more than 4 months. Yesterday I went there and had my dinner there.. That was really nice. If I couldnt meet the deadines of dosa with in 2 days. I will surely get my ass kicked..SO i am being a good boy and yeilding to that..

Yeah movies. Thats what it is going on. I did the see the movie pretty woman. A julia roberts flick 1990s though. Julia roberts is ablsolutely stunning and give every millionaire a bloody run for money. I dont wonder that Richard Geere cant resist.So watch out...

I am yeielding to chatting now a days. There are many friends for me online and offline and its difficult to catch up with all stuffs.. Yesterday to my suprise I heard form Jennifer. She is simply good..

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