Thursday, October 13, 2005

Back to this blog ...The real intentionsss

I understand that the infulence of my thoughts on the other side of wall is gaining much more strength...

Back to this blogs real intention...

Few weeks has been passed since I mention something about what is going in my real life.. Yeah there is not much happening now a days. Thats why I am kind of mumbling around with out words and all..

My fridays are usual i will leave by 5:00 pm here and head to The Claw for a round of Golf.Now I have a lot of friends there waiting for my arrival. I have been commented as the player who makes quick progress (fastest as they say)..

Then about the India trip it is more or less finalised and I am happy that Mr Nan Kong was kind enough to understand my inclination og though towards home.. ( I am paying a hefty sum a flight charges as the decision is made late):)

Then about the Teaching assistant job..Dr McCright is really busy which in turn makes me more busier day after day.Correcting papers will be last thing you wanted to do anyway.

About the Research, Yeah I am making good progress as Dr Kong feels and I hope to complete the degree as fast as possible.. August is the earliest Due to some earlier adventures which I took... ( After all Fou0r months in New York is not bad).

I am the Secretery of Institute of operations Research and Managemsnt science aka INFORMS. I did a good presentation explaining the Mission and Vision of the organisation. Departemnt chair person along with other fellows from the holy geekery community was there.

Then I am planning to visit London on my way back home.Hopefully things should settle for something good and I can reach home as early as possible..2 Days in London is after all not a very bad Idea. May be I will be staying with friends over there or in some student hostels..Whatever the case may be I firmly believe London is a city worth exploring ..


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