Wednesday, December 08, 2004


i am going to washington this weekend ..

Hoping some thing god will happen over there..

Friday, December 03, 2004

Exams done

Today i am a kind of relaxed as my exams are over .......
I was kind of tensed today as the day is critical for me. MSA exams there was only one option for me i have to do it well at any cost and luckily i did it well..........

And after the exams as i did it well i thought its time to me for an entertainment ...

i decided to go to mall today . There was no plans in my mind of what to do there , But as i need a break from the tireless work . I went to the Mall...

I was roaming there and i thought of trying Uncle sams flvour there in Mall .

I went to KFC for the meal , The meal was really good enough , i came bak to home imeeaditely after reaching home i got a call from navin , He tod me that he is going to pius;s house i joined him there i spent time till 11 pm

after 11 as navin has to go to work tmrw , We returned back and i saw a movie with shah Main Hoon Na.... the movie was good for the sharukh thats all

Exam Days

The previous week was an exam week for me ..........

My god the pressure which i gone thru is amzing i cant explain it in words , As i was a kind of joly form teh begining . I couldnt find any time .. I thought that i can manage as i did in my underggraduate school by studying in the last..

The biggest mistake what to call it . It was not like that , In MS i learned one big lesson things are differnt in MS , Ur studying in the last is not going to work .. and the days was very bad for me , I was working literllay 20+ hours in a day...

I am happy that with gods grace i did my exams as i expected and it went better..

I am enjoying my days in teh computer lab watching a movie Manmadhan.. some one tod me that the movie is a good one ..

Monday, November 15, 2004

Pius Biryani and Diwali festival

sunday i woke yuo pretty late i called gopal and talked to himf or nearly one hous in teh morning and afet a whiel i got acall form pius asking emto come to home he is making Biriyani tehre and he invited me ti come tehre i called navin and we bothe went there for having teh briryani i enjoyedteh foo there with some fidh fry and was ancie time there ...

Then i had biriyani by round 5 pma nd askled vaninto drop em back home and he said yes and i goe to diwali festiabl ,, I was wearing a mundu and thaty i asked navin to drop me tehre

it was raelly brng for teh firts few hours and so i tood th catering department and i served fried rice for the people tehre and i enjoyed the the real fun came when the dance floor start . I was waering amndu and at firts i beomce hesiatbnt to jon thsuit the i got teh courage some how and i joned them dance fllor

There i alsed natalia to come and i met here over tehre she was very lazy and tood khere to treh stage and i asked he ti dance tehre... Then i wen joined teh people tehr eand anjoyed teh danicg very well few people todmme that itwas really god and i also felt like so

Then now i am leraniong a new art , American hugging ,,, Early iwas confused when teh mellsia and all asked me to do so and this time i thing i got it right , slowly one by one i am leaning man hoep nest time i will initate teh same to oethrss he he

Friday, September 17, 2004

My First Salary

Hello Friends ,
I am very happy to say that i recieved my first salary for my work in USD and is a quite a good some of money for a beginner, I cant describe the incident with words,

Then as a part of it i thrown a party to frnds there in my campus walk apartment and That was a good time really i enjoyed the day.