Monday, November 15, 2004

Pius Biryani and Diwali festival

sunday i woke yuo pretty late i called gopal and talked to himf or nearly one hous in teh morning and afet a whiel i got acall form pius asking emto come to home he is making Biriyani tehre and he invited me ti come tehre i called navin and we bothe went there for having teh briryani i enjoyedteh foo there with some fidh fry and was ancie time there ...

Then i had biriyani by round 5 pma nd askled vaninto drop em back home and he said yes and i goe to diwali festiabl ,, I was wearing a mundu and thaty i asked navin to drop me tehre

it was raelly brng for teh firts few hours and so i tood th catering department and i served fried rice for the people tehre and i enjoyed the the real fun came when the dance floor start . I was waering amndu and at firts i beomce hesiatbnt to jon thsuit the i got teh courage some how and i joned them dance fllor

There i alsed natalia to come and i met here over tehre she was very lazy and tood khere to treh stage and i asked he ti dance tehre... Then i wen joined teh people tehr eand anjoyed teh danicg very well few people todmme that itwas really god and i also felt like so

Then now i am leraniong a new art , American hugging ,,, Early iwas confused when teh mellsia and all asked me to do so and this time i thing i got it right , slowly one by one i am leaning man hoep nest time i will initate teh same to oethrss he he


Anonymous said...

Christ sake....i understand from ur blog that u have never been with a girl....but American higgin......give me a fucking break!!!!!! U have never hugged a girl before! Please Melissa, Natalia, Naved...and all those mentioned in the website, If I was u ...i wud plead to have my name take...if u need a reason see this .......
God save thy all

Anonymous said...

The one reason we(I can vouch for all anonymous contributors) all prefer to be anonymous is because ....
1. We are scared.....All of us are Straight(both sexes)
2. We are oblighed to have fun in our "Non-adventurous" lifes
3. We have/had nightmares of what u are doing
4. After a bottle of Rum, 2 joints of Weed, Crack and some strips of LSD.....We wud do a better job
5. Though it wud be sad if ur take this blog(
We will miss a good Laugh)....but seriously it wud be a relief!!!

Thinging, simbly i can say.....MORON! Get A fucking GRIP!

For ppl who dont have mallu friends.....Malls arent bad..I have so many cool friends who are malayaleeeeez....'coz of this moron Please dont generalize malls!!!

Anonymous said...

errata...sorry for the missing words...on the 4th line of the first comment i missed taken just take...i m sure all ppl wud have made sense from deciphering experience....but i dont want to be an hypocrite...!