Friday, December 03, 2004

Exam Days

The previous week was an exam week for me ..........

My god the pressure which i gone thru is amzing i cant explain it in words , As i was a kind of joly form teh begining . I couldnt find any time .. I thought that i can manage as i did in my underggraduate school by studying in the last..

The biggest mistake what to call it . It was not like that , In MS i learned one big lesson things are differnt in MS , Ur studying in the last is not going to work .. and the days was very bad for me , I was working literllay 20+ hours in a day...

I am happy that with gods grace i did my exams as i expected and it went better..

I am enjoying my days in teh computer lab watching a movie Manmadhan.. some one tod me that the movie is a good one ..

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! do they screen movies in the computer lab at your university...I'm transfering from here mannnnnnn....!