Friday, February 18, 2005

New year in Times Square

This day can be a lucky day. What to say i was in the best place in te New year eve . Celebreating New year in the Times square is great thing and even new yorkers dont thing will get a plcae i got . I was enjoying the new year in the 43 and 7 th evenue is not a joke . And that too conveneianty placed in a nearby building enjoying the view there . I was abe to get a clear glimpse of teh ball there and more than happy for that place

i was given th place by a chinese police inspector and even i dont knw why he gaves that VIP listing

Just enjoy

I was busy yaar

I dont know what happened to my blogging habit. There was a time i enjoy doing it .

But now a days i am so laxy to get it done

The morning i met dr Gooding here and luckily everything was really fine here and i had a nice time with her. She was more than happy and tried my best to know that things are fine for her. I arranged a UN trip for both of them and taken permission from my frnd here for a lunch downstairs .

OK today i am having a lot of plans to do . one is there is fashion show down the street in 58 and poccibley i amy go there and as the weekend this one seems to be pretty busy with lot of stuffs to do . this saturday i may end up in going Viscaya or Rumor.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Internships what to do

I am on my way to temple this weekend after the party and stuff in Rumor last night. I came home like 5:30 in the morning and got up pretty late by 10:00 pm.

I wantedto got to temple there and I was getting ready for the same

Today I am more than happy bcos my frnd Gopal called me and told me that he can arrange an internship for me in teh comany he works that was really good . He told me that actually there is two internships and its upon u

God's grace that what I can say