Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One real life happenings...

Life is busy with assignements and all. I luv assignments most of the times some times it is not so interesting as a matter of fact..( I hope the feeling is the same).

What should be a motivations for MBA. Yeah I need to get more inspirations from some books. A succesfull MBA can really simulate much of my interest any way..

I am currentlly reading the Book The Tipping Point. Malcolm Galdwell Amazing what I will see.. The one more book which i liked reading was Freakonomics A great read.

There are certain things which are obvious and certain things which are not. Yesterday in my department our chairperson was talking abt one thing...

He was mentioning abt the recommendation of one Big consulting company for the need of a foot ball team in increasing the research funding . It simply doesnt make any sense to him..

But I dont say it makes sense to me. But I know there is some thing behind this which might be seemed un obvious to many . But in case really matters.. Otherwise why did we pay these big consulting firms..

Any way more after reading the Tipping point.Stay Tuned

Friday, January 20, 2006

Yeah weekends are ...

Today is a good day. I was expecting some thing from some and it seems that it has been approved.. So what u need for a perfect start other than this...

Then now I am with my friends as obvious they are back from India and has lot of sweets with themm... Ha ha coolll

Then I am having a nice time with my friends.. The discussion started in some way and get extended to more interesting stuffs.....

Is wal-mart good for India..Some business idea which I said abt discussing tomorrow...

And I am awake what i am doing no Idea. Expecting some calls or thinking of making some callss...

May be its some randomn crap i am writing now.. But this is what I am at this moment thinking 10 thinks at a time...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Freaking busy daysss

I know I shouldnt have been able tow write itt..

Today I enrolled for my certificate program.. Certificate in Entrepreneurship.. I think this is going to be really good and one more thing I cherish. After all a Partial MBA doesnt hurt I beleive..

Then I have been working on my Site tAKkuDu and its business plans for a few days..

We are able to launch its front page after 3 months of its birth.. This is a wonderful experience....

I have been inspired by Milliondollarhomepage
and Digg..

On the other hand my research is growing in demand every day as also the home works..

The thoughts of going back to India is some thing which makes me to achieve some real good stuffs fast.. I don't have much of a time....

Friday, January 13, 2006

Mayilirageyyy Good Song from Ah Aah. Click below to hear it.....

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Sutrum Vizhi SudareSutrum Vizhi Sudare this song is really amazing I really like it.. Hope u will and I want u guys to listen if time permits

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to work

Yes I am back from vacation . I am sincerely Thankful for all the enquiries about my long absence.I really promise you guys to make really worth the wait. I am back back with a bang as I will say..

Its really refreshing to visit the home and I badly need to break. These 25 days frpom Dec 13 to Jan 10 it seems that I learned a lot than what I did in my Long 1.5 years.

Many thing which is right under the nose people tends to over look and I think I am not different.I learned more financial planning , real life scenarios and What ever the Buzz word you hear about from my father than all the articles and latest internet articles put together.

Ok stay tuned and I will come up with my life back there in home and the newly learned facts in this one .