Friday, March 24, 2006

Middle of many stuffs

I am in the middle of many things. Lots happening. It only makes me feel better every time I do these things. Good news is coming in from here and there. I am glad that there are many things .. Its better to be busy than Idle..

some one reminded me an Idle brain rusts more faster than Iron..So Sharpen your blades buy rubbing it together and all..

Finance, Healthcare, IT or a mix of these.. These are things going to be ruling the job market . Trust me buddy. As always u will never be left alone.

Monday, March 20, 2006

San francisco and much more

My god I never had taken such a long break with my blogs . I felt really bad. I am in the middle of some things. I mean not the assignments and other regular stuffs. But Career. I have to pass by many things.

In the mean time. These are things happened in Nut shell

I have a lot of good news for all my friends

I went to San Francisco. This was amazing. I wil write about ir more. I am done with 2 exams and I hope I did that pretty well.

Many other thoughts and all..

I visited Google . Brought a new Cell phone . Visited Berkley .Visited San Frnacisco al most all the streets. It was crazy out there.

Met with some nice people on the move.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Birthday

Yes . Today one more day for every one. But for me one more year. I understand that for many people it doesnt mean much. But Birthdays are good man. I take this oppoprtunity to spend with my friends who has been aorund.I really got a lot of wishes from many people across the Globe I say.

So here I am .becoming wiser today by one more year.And more and more achievements has to be rolled out this year which is very critical.

Thanks all my friends who wished me good luck and I am taking this opportunity to reciprocate.

Lolzzz have a nice day