Friday, March 24, 2006

Middle of many stuffs

I am in the middle of many things. Lots happening. It only makes me feel better every time I do these things. Good news is coming in from here and there. I am glad that there are many things .. Its better to be busy than Idle..

some one reminded me an Idle brain rusts more faster than Iron..So Sharpen your blades buy rubbing it together and all..

Finance, Healthcare, IT or a mix of these.. These are things going to be ruling the job market . Trust me buddy. As always u will never be left alone.

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Magic said...

Hi Vijay,

Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy Ugadi.

Yeah! Iam in the UK and hope to meet you soon. Sorry, I had some important Schedules which I couldn't avoid when you visited here during last December. Anyway, I think you had a lovely time in India.

with regards,

"Xpect the unXpected"