Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Birthday

Yes . Today one more day for every one. But for me one more year. I understand that for many people it doesnt mean much. But Birthdays are good man. I take this oppoprtunity to spend with my friends who has been aorund.I really got a lot of wishes from many people across the Globe I say.

So here I am .becoming wiser today by one more year.And more and more achievements has to be rolled out this year which is very critical.

Thanks all my friends who wished me good luck and I am taking this opportunity to reciprocate.

Lolzzz have a nice day


pass it on said...

anonymous said...

Best wishes, porikki, though belated.

maya cassis said...

you look like an actor in a movie I saw recently from your photos.just can't get his name.:)