Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Times Square New Year 2005 videos..its me there

New Year in Times Square New York. This is really cool. The Times Square will be crowded so much that not even the native people will be able to see what is going there. There will be more than a million people extending from 42 street to 59 street(Central park) on the either side of the road trying to get a glimpse of the New Year ball dropping.

I was incidently really lucky enough to get a very convenient pplacement even Yonkers would be jealous to hear.. Thanks to this anonymous Policeman. Who helped me ..I was in 43 street in top of a 7th floor celebrating New year with some crazy European and British people who just flown down to celebrate the New Year..There was enough boose and girls to make any one mad..

You can see the videos down here

This one I didnt even mention about this. But its me celebrating New Year in Times Sqaure New York.

Yes I did spend my New Year 2005 in Time Square. I was in a very convenient position that time. I did even took the count down and ball dropping my 3 mega pixel camera.So if you want to see the count down click Countdown 3. 2. 1. So now its official and public in google videos..

Who know where I will be this New Year.. Possibly in Cochin with my parents. Thats what even I want too.

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