Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Boss's Daughter

Yesterday I met a very special person, a cute, charming, intelligent and talkitive girl. Incidently she is my Boss's daughter, it was around 5.20 PM, and the boss called me upstairs in the cafeteria. He introduced me to her, and she already knew who I was, maybe he had told her about me beforehand. Then the boss left for some work, and for a period of around 40 minutes we were together.

People were staring, many came to ask who she was, but she had this exclusivity of attention towards me. Whenever anyone else came, she became silent to ward people off, but when together she talked about so many things about her friends and herself. That cherubic smile held me wondering, and I had never got so much attention from anyone. She listened intently to every word I spoke, and caught me fumbling too.

It was a special evening, too bad that I had to leave early for home around 6.15 pm, I just didn't wish to but snarls were warning me already. This 6 year old girl had held me spellbound with her smile and stories, now I know why my Boss is always in a good mood, with such a bundle of joy at home no one can ever get stressed....

I just hope she might have told about me to her friends at school, just the way she told about her school friends to me.

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