Sunday, October 02, 2005

I believe some things better left " Unsaid "

No news cant be bad than this..

Typically if you leaving awaya from family in the middle of nowhere. I need to go home, In this december things have been going in such a good phase. Booking tickets purchasing for home. Confirming and affirming my family , Sister and mother espesially that I am going to spend the christmas and new year with them..

I had been working with my proffesor for my masters thesis.Its kind of unsaid rule that I have to obtain permission from his holliness before leaving, irrespective of his generousity in ur tuition.

I started working with him only after I decided that I go to go home.In a very casual mannner I told him about my desire of leaving home in december for 3 weeks ( Considering the fligh for 5 days it isnt much ) and he told me he cant relieve me now as I have to work towards my thesis..

He doesnt want to know any thing regarding the work I am putting like 16 hrs / day for 6 days.This is Insanse.

update : Eventually I talked to him and he kind of nodded his head to leave me if I can complete a book which is my project is based on and have to read nearly 50 one IEEE journal and you understand what I am talking about.

I am ready to do whatver in the world to get me back to home... I cant wait any more..After all America is the worst trap ever found for human greed.


Magic said...

Hi Vijay,

Everything will be alright with Dr.Nan Kong....Dont Worry.

When the going gets tough , The tough gets going.

With Regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi Vijay,

Everything will be fine & I am eagerly waiting for your arrival..I am looking forward to that ..

with lots of love

Vijaychandran said...

Thanks magic.. I know u from UK. I am coming down to uk in december may be we an meet up there.. If you want me tooo...:)