Friday, June 02, 2006

What I am at the moment

its exacyly 46 mins past midnight ie 00:46 am . I am here trying to do some thing but I dont know what is it. What am I looking for I have no clue. What am I working for. I know it but currently there is no idea what is going on in general.I am confused enough than any other guy over here.

This is what life teaches you. When u stay away from parents When I am in India what I need is only a call or a sitting with my father. Now since they are not able to understand exactly what is going on here and I dont want them to know there is an ambiguity in my decision and I dont want to make any wrong steps infact.

Just meditate and see only the goal in your life and I am sure that destiny in my mind will let me find the right path for me.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me...NOBODY has any idea what you are talking about.