Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Work life Balance My experience

This link from Mr Brad Feld is really great.

Work life Balance Yeah a very very important thing to be considered. May be I can put in this way. I know that my father he works hard when he does. But I always prefer to call him as a lazy guy. Some times even I asks him how did u get all this time always go for nomadic trips across North India for 15 to 20 days and some foreign land trips once in a year and all.Thats ok I can understand but he always finds time for hanging out with friends attending marriages traveling 200 miles and taking days off.

This one incident was really eye opening for me. I asked him one day. " Abba why are you taking this many vacations in a month, How did you find all this time rather than working on your business" His answer was some thing like this. " Yes , I did take off . I am doing it for you and family. Its not always business I want to spend time with you and this is my satisfaction " There is always a balance "

I just couldn't understand any thing at that point but when I am here in this far and distant world.I appreciate every second he spends with me .I am more happy this is incidental than accidental. Nothing can be compensated for those moments ..

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