Thursday, July 21, 2005

What you doing , Dont you think its time to change the question..

There is an interesting article in the latest Business Week about the downturn in MBA applications and what that means for schools. Apparently the widely accepted cause of the drop in applications is a combination of rising costs, a leveling off in post-MBA salaries, and a reduced dependance on new MBA's in traditional MBA industries (consulting, I-banking, etc.). In other words, people who would have applied for an MBA 5 years ago are now looking at the costs and benefits and deciding to stay where they are and advance within their current company. Generally engineers thinks of finance as not too good field and most of the times don't give respect they deserved for business school students back in India (dont read IIMS in this category).Things are changing . A look back is always good.

I am a person who appreciate smart people any where in the globe. I admire any job based on the person who does that. For me Its all about who is doing it and how he is doing it than what he is doing..Opinions differ

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