Friday, August 19, 2005

Hey u should meet him

Gods grace .. This week was good

You know what I meant if you are doing a thesis.. I decide upon my major proffesor. " Dr Nan Kong " He is very young and vibrant.You can get his him cv from here Resume Dr Nan Kong .

The topic is really cool. "Multi criteria Decision making " This is the kind of stuff I wanted to do to. I always see myslef as one who will be very good in doing these kind of tasks .

I had been corresponding with him for more than three months now.. He is very difficult to please and demands good quality work.However he more looks like to me as paper engine..The past week was kind of hectic I really mean it. In US i had never worked on weekends but he made me do it.. Jeez too mcuh journal and conference papers in this young age.I dont wonder why. He works bloody 20 hrs a day.. He told me he never sleep more than five hrs..


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