Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Child hood games

Thinking about these days make me so happy. I really loved it. I played all the games no one who knows me now even can think about it

I grow up in a pretty big housing colcony called Gandhinager. The address is
EWS 525
Kochi -20

Like any other colony it was filled with students of my age +_ 4. This is the first real world known to me other than the anganvadi which I used to go from age 3.As my father was among the early inahitants of that housing colony every one knows him which was good and bad for me which i will tell later....

There were a lot of games I used to play there

I was good player of "Gotis" we call "kachi" aka "rashi". Yes i remember that as the only game which I was passionate about from my kinder garten till i touch the so called high school recall 5th std. Some one used comment about me that Vijay cant sleep unless he have a goti (A small glass made thing used to play games) in his hands.That was my addiction to the game. Infact the two things i remeer doing that age is attending tuition and playing goti. My parents were silently against that game except the good grades i am getting from school.Which always prevet from thir scolding.There are many games using gotis one is Aama, Which is a a rich gotiwala game and seppi with a hole in the square box in the earth and the notorious one was rasi this game has three holes and those who win get the opportunity to beat the other guy with goti on his hand..

Due to hardwork i put on these games i was a master in all these three games using gotis . Its funny to think that even now I have a big bag full of gotis in my home which I proudly take once te remember myslef abou the chivalry playing those games.

As time pass by upper primary school i got in to big guys game thats " Labels " and "Pambaram" .Label "Panni malathu " which my father calls as a miniature ersion of card game is a good game where we have the movie stars like Mohan lal and Mamooty in the labels and we will win if we have the same movies stars . With my uncles son and all I creat startegies for winning the games and was running partnership game a I used to sell labels who loss the game with me which by the end of the day make me rich . Whenver i come home after a saturday or sunday gae rounds I will be having a 5 rupee note tucked inside my trouser pockets . That money I earned will be used to buy lollypops for my partners and small cone ice creams on my long walk to school some what like 2 miles.. My reputation was beyond reach people from nearby housing colonies used to come to house and invite me to play with the, But to very ones surprise I used to win most of the times. B cos of certain tactis i used to have .. I believ I m still not bad with those tactics ...

Then time passed by and when i get in to 7th standard and all I join a new school I was only a distinguished visitor in the arena where they play these games and people viewed me as a veteran I have been denied to play bcos of my expertise in the game..I still have a good collection of 4000 labels which i earned during that period There are some nights which I just awake and watch my earnings with so much proud. That feeling cant be replaced with any one..

Then i got my hands in to some more interesting games like pambharam , Kuttim kolum , Meen piductum, more abt these game later


Anonymous said...

faggot ...sleeping holding goti's in his hand... hahahaa ...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Man.. that was ENLIGHTENING..... WAITING abt ur PAMBARAM exploits... I wanna be a GOTI CHAMP too (Ur expertise is needed)...... SOME day i wanna hold ur BAG of GOTIS....




Vijaychandran said...

Hey corrupted minds..

Gotis means in malayalam kachi .. A small glass made thing used to play games.. Its for my mallu readers man.. Hope u r not one ..

take it easy

Anonymous said...
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