Friday, April 21, 2006

Miami - Tripp , Partyy

What the last week of exams all about.

Exams - Yes
Projects - Yes
Pressure - Yes

Ok I am adding one more thing Fun -- Yes yes.

I dont know I am due of a Miami Trip. I had been there quite some times and I dont want to miss this chance. Typically if the people you are going is really good.

Couple of other offers too.. A trip to Ybor . ne of my friends Girl friend is coming over here and they wanted me to join with them.. I am getting lot of calls for this.

But I did say him that I may be going to Miami. While I am writing this. I still have no idea what am I doing.I wanted to visit Key West for while and it seems that this is a good opprtunity.

Water sports and what not all are there I am all set for Snorkling

Wait and see how am I managing this. This is not some thing new for me. I had done this. But every time its a challenge (debating)... Ok whatever..

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