Saturday, December 10, 2005

Going to Indiaaaa in 12 hrsss

Yeah ,, I dont know what I am doing here tonight. The only thing I remember is that I can hardly sleep. There may be many reasons for this. In few days I met some interesting people. Sigh!.. Then Going to home after a long time. Yes this is really critical. There are these things I need to focus on and I think I am pretty much in a good shape as I remeber.

Any way leave that I am slowly getting ready for the sleeppp....This was funny thing happened today. I was calling India and my uncle asked me a Cooling Glass or shades how ever u want to call it. And to my surprise I found one thing with in my budget. This is some kind of stupid thing I guess, I am not here for visiting or earning lot of bucks to buy Ray Ban or Oakley gallses for every one. And I can hardly purchase andy thing which is totally below the parrr..

Hmm I got some thing and hopefully its makes him hapy. WTF I dont care anyway....

Its just for my mother she asked me to buy that and I am doing that for her.. Pretty much simplifies the whole issue..

Ok will try to write some thing on my way to India

By the way My itenary is

Tampa to Washigton Sunday 1:30 pm
Washington to London
London to Colombo
Colombo to cochin and landing in Nedumbassery on Tuesday the Morning 9: 30 am ..

U know airline processs is stochastic so let us c what time I will reach home anyway....

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