Thursday, December 01, 2005

My parents warned me about this

There are many incentive to join in a Big company. This is great. Working in google has great incentives. She may be the one my parents warned me about.Humour and great Co workers are always a good incentive for It jobs. I really mean it. Many of my friends who don know what is C++ is working in It companies. He even asked me whether its writing the exam 2 times.What the hell should I say. Now doing great. Apparently he is hooked up with a girl in his wipro office , Bangalore.

I was just kidding. Infact I am really curious about this girl joined in google for surfing and writing hell of a Cover letter. No its a no brainer.. She is from Tol notch university Cal Berkley. And there are no traces about here while googleing.

Reecently I heard news about a guy sending real life size poster to Microsoft. So get ready google. You will be soon recieveing Giant resumes and funny wierd letters. I know many people will do anything to get in to google. Apparently I am one among those. Sigh!

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