Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What if there is no proof for inituition?

I know it has been around for a while.But some how its making more sense to me now a days.I was reading an interesting article by Dr John Forbes Nash ( American Nobel price winner). His Game theory for the games with independent payy offs are simply great.

I was really fascinated by the theory and it lead me to think a little bit more. Infact I was trying to find startegies for solving the prisonners Dilemma. I kind of ok with his theory of better off. But being a person totally optimistic. I dont mind taking chance wins and I kind of got it right.

I defeated the computer whenever it uses the strategy . Golden rule , Brazen rule and Iron rule..

Some times its inituition which reaps reward. Not all theories are build based on solid proofs.I like my research because its subjective to objective transistion. Rather than dry numbers.

I know that geeky community ( Holy geekery society ) doesnt accept anything with out proofs.Yeah they are trained to be like that.I dont blame them..

But intuition can any one proof that. The best debating society will be a mixture of humanities and IEEE.. May be that wont be happening till the day of blue moon..

Update: I did find some thing if that nature . They calls it as Human Computer interaction.. But far away from what i think it is..

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