Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My friend landed in a Job

I may not be having many years experience and the intellectual capabilities of people who read this blog. But you can pass your comment on this thoughts

I know this friend when I was doing my United Nations Internship. He is a really enthusiastic guy with lot of energy and person with great helping mind.
Yesterday he called me up and said that he got a job with Deloitte. I am realy happy for him. And infact I wasnt surprised. Its what he wanted to do for a long time I know him and he never hesitated to pursue his dreams.

The moral I learned is this one..

Irrespective of what you are.Its what you think you are going to be.Never restrict yourself through thinking , The friend I talk about may not be the best in accounting capabilities but he is amazing in his way of thinking and I bet he will add a lot to the company. Instead of any ones background no one should restrict themselves in thinking.I heard him talking about all the big companies all the time. I am sure that he had gone through hell a lot of comments and other stuffs. But when he have this offer letter this feeling is it what it counts.

Congrats my dear friend. All my prayers for you.

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