Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Strategic Market Assesment

This class Strategic Market assesment is really good.Apparently many people know this I guess. Unless how can it win the National Award for best course in Enterpreneurship. The way these people think is far beyond my imagination. Even though I had been known as a Nerd which i am a bit proud of,I wanted to belong these category. Read Dr Fountain The link above directs you to his CV. Man amazing being a part of 7 start up and taking 4 to public aint kidding.

Then the energy and enthusiasm is really worth admiring. Apparently I heard that he own millions of dollars in Stocks and in USD and he does teaching for fun. Wuite admiring isnt it.

The Proff Greg Henley from stern is also really nice person. This center for enterprenurship is really going to be good.

What more ..I know I am totally away from subject. Which more happen now a days. Reading too much is not a problem I guess.

ok cutting the crap

I am writing a paper A market assessment for so called Company from USF Patents and Trade marks office. The technology aint great.But the market is. I am supposed to write an Exit strategy and market implementation for this research / Patented project. I know that this company isnt going to take off. But the pleasure of understanding and reading behind the tech aspect is thrilling.

I may post the final draft if its really worth for you. In the mean time getting back to my workk.....Final week.

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