Monday, November 21, 2005

Dont Do Evil...

This weekend was really kind of dull for me. Even though it might seems to be a lot for many. Yeah all my proffesors are in Informs conference . San Fracisco.

So I am kind of "Dont do evil" now a days and there are many reasons behind that. Dont you suspect Google's amazing success is one behind this. Even though it is quite a motivation.After all its trading USD 403.26 as of Nov 21 11:23 am EST.What am amzing growth from USD 100 an year before.. 4 times or more considering the returns.

I envy all the directors in the Googleplex.Who know may be I can become one soon. Sigh!

I was reading a lot of article in Sunday espesially regarding the VCs and the Angel investors. I think this one is wuite a collection for my readers across the globe Venture capitalist. I think this site is the best collection for any one who is aspiring to become one.

All the materials are coming from leader of the industry..

Then I went to movie Chathupottu Cool one from Dileep.I start loving his I think.

I dont know what is going around. Suddnely more calls. I really dont want to hurt any one.

Be nice and of course Dont do evil..

Getting ready to go home and I am still thinking and thinking and dreaming all about it.

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