Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I think its good and worth a look

Your Career Type: Enterprising

You are engertic, ambitious, and sociable.
Your talents lie in politics, leading people, and selling things or ideas.

You would make an excellent:

Auctioneer - Bank President - City Manager - Judge - Lawyer
Recreation Leader - Real Estate Agent - Scientist-
School Principal - Travel Agent - TV Newscaster

I will say that I was totally stunnned by the results. I think it is some what correct in my case. I will be making an excellent ban president No doubt about that . Judge , Lawyer, Probably its not possible unless i hire some one who can do well since my career has been changed. But I respect or being in that one ..

Scientist probably because of my interest in Quants would have helped me in become one. Real estate Agent. Needless to say. I dont kow how they figure it out. My father is one. And I think with the enterprising skill I will be a Donald trump.

School principal was a wronh chance unless I am retired same with the TV news castor. I cant do bull shit, and I dont take bull shit. Only facts or numbers please me.

But I am satisfied as a all since they categorised me as Enterprisiing may be you want to know yours click here

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